Reasoning Quiz for SBI PO Prelims: 16th June 2018

Dear Aspirants,

Reasoning Questions for SBI PO Prelims 2018 (Week-05)

Reasoning Ability is an onerous section. With the increasing complexity of questions, it becomes hard for one to give it a cold shoulder. The only way to make the grade in this particular section in the forthcoming SBI PO Prelims and other banking exams is to practice continuously with all your heart and soul. And, to let you practice with the best of latest pattern questions, here is the Adda247 Reasoning Quiz with the exact same pattern of questions that are being asked in the exams.

Following the study plan for SBI PO Preliminary Examination 2018, the fifth week includes practice questions on Puzzles & Seating Arrangement, coding-decoding and Inequalities. To ensure proper preparation of the section we advise you to go through all the questions sincerely and try to attempt each one of them. Afterward, match your solutions and the approach with the one that would be provided later. Practice more and more questions on the same section to enhance your grip over the topics. Following is the Reasoning Ability quiz to help you practice with the best of latest pattern questions.

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Direction (1-5): Read the given information carefully and answer the following questions:
There are six cars parked in a parking area. Cars are A, B, C, D, E, F, they all are of different weights, all are situated at some distance from each other. There is no car situated in west of car A, D, and E. Heaviest car is 12m north of car B. Car C is 5m east of car D. Lightest car is north west of car D. Car D is situated somewhere in between car E and B vertically. Car D is heavier than both E and F. Car F is 3rd heaviest car among all the cars and is 6m west of 3rd lightest car. E is lighter than only one car.
Q1. What is the shortest distance between car B and C?
(a) 15m
(b) 20m
(c) 13m
(d) 18m
(e) None of these
Q2. Which of the following car is second heaviest car?
(a) C
(b) A
(c) E
(d) Either (a) or (c)
(e) None of these
Q3. What is the direction of car A with respect to car E? 
(a) South
(b) South west
(c) North west
(d) Cannot be determined
(e) West
Q4. Which of the following car is the lightest car? 
(a) E
(b) C
(c) B
(d) A
(e) None of these
Q5. What is the direction of car C with respect to car A? 
(a) South
(b) South east
(c) North west
(d) West
(e) None of these
Directions (6-10):In these questions symbols ©, #, , $ and @ are used with different meanings as follows:
‘M © N’ means ‘M is smaller than N’
‘M# N’ means ‘M is either smaller than or equal to N’
‘M * N’ means ‘M is greater than N’
‘M $ N’ means ‘M is either greater than or equal to N’
‘M @ N’ means ‘M is neither smaller than nor greater than N’
In each of the following questions assuming the given statements to be true, find out which of the two conclusions I and II given below them is/are definitely true. Give answer 
(a) if only conclusions I is true. 
(b) if only conclusions II is true. 
(c) if either conclusion I or conclusion II is true. 
(d) if neither conclusion I nor conclusions II is true. 
(e) if both conclusions I and II are true. 
Q6. Statements: V # S, S © L, L© J
       Conclusions: I. V© L    II. S © J 
Q7. Statements:  M # R, R © J, J # H
       Conclusions: I. M # H   II. R © H
Q8. Statements: H $ F, F @ G, G * M
       Conclusions: I. H * M    II. H * G
Q9. Statements: R © J, J * T, T # L
       Conclusions: I. R @ T    II. J @ L
Q10. Statements: W @ T, T $ K, K * F
         Conclusions: I. W $ K    II. W @ K
Directions (11-15): Study the following information carefully to answer the given questions.
In a certain code language,
‘wonder mark army jungle child’ is written as ‘ti cu komo je’,
‘child Dehradun wonder’ is written as ‘de cu ko’,
‘Dehradun city child’ is written as ‘cu pa de’
and ‘wonder army in child’ is written as ‘cu tikosu’. 
Q11. Which of the following is the code for ‘jungle’?
(a) je 
(b) ti 
(c) mo
(d) either (a) or (c)
(e) None of these 
Q12. What does ‘ti’ stand for? 
(a) wonder 
(b) army 
(c) jungle
(d) in 
(e) Can’t be determined 
Q13. Which of the following will be the code for ‘child in wonder’? 
(a) su cu ti 
(b) suko cu 
(c) tiko cu
(d) komosu 
(e) None of these
Q14. Which of the following may be the possible code for ‘wonder should army in child’? 
(a) cu tikosu ye 
(b) ye tisukomo 
(c) cu timosu ye 
(d) tiko cu ye je
(e) None of these
Q15. Which of the following is the code for ‘Dehradun’? 
(a) mo 
(b) je 
(c) ko
(d) de 
(e) Can’t be determined
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