Adda247 App Now in Tamil | உங்கள் கையில் அரசு வேலை

Adda247 is the best platform for student preparing for different competitive examination like Banking, SSC, Teaching, etc. We have our strong hold on all online platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Telegram. In addition to this, we have Adda247 App that has all the feeds at one place. Here every small details ranging from job alert, strategies and study plan, etc are posted. You don’t have to visit any  other website, if you have Adda247 app. Now this app is available in Tamil language as well. Let’s take a deep look.

Adda247 is serving students since a long time but everytime a student searches for the post, they get it either in English or Hindi. Now, with our penetration in regional languages, we have come up with Adda247 App in Tamil. It has everything that a student demands in their own language.

Language is not a barrier Now as Adda247 App is available in Tamil Now

When a student from Tamil region views a content in English, few of the areas remains untouched due to the gap of language. We have filled the gap by providing a platform for all the Tamil Language Aspirants to feel their culture inside the Adda247 App and facilitate themselves with the Adda247 new initiative.

Here are few of the features of Adda247 App for Tamil Audience

How it works: You can choose what you want to study or get details about. Here’s the categories from which you can choose the desired area of study and notification. Basically, we have divided all the material in sub categories here for your ease. Take a look:

Article and Notes: If you want to get a strategy, study plan and notes of any subject and exam you can go to this section of the app where you can find all the article and notes that your preparation demands. Take a look here:

Daily Quiz: We have come up with the Quizes in Tamil too. Student who were not comfortable with other language can now solve the quizzes in their own language. Here is the the view of the same

Daily GK Updates: Daily GK Updates will help a student to keep themself updated with what’s going arounf them. This covers the general awareness section of the exam. Here’s how it looks like:

So, student if you are from Tamil region and wants to prepare yourself for the upcoming examination, do not think your language as a barrier. We have get you Adda247 App that has everything from articles, daily quiz to gk updates and other things for you in the bucket.

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