Bank of Baroda GD and Interview Experience

Dear Readers,
I am sharing my interview and group discussion experience with you all, hoping that it might help you get to know the process better. I was really excited after clearing the online exam and being selected for the interview and GD Process. My venue was Chennai.

Personal Interview
Interview Panel: (4 men,1women)
Entered around 5.30 PM
Entered with a smile ,and said good evening sir,good evening mam…everyone said good evening
M1:As i sat with a smile, he said omg! you are smiling, you don’t look tensed
ME: Sir, i have been waiting from the morning sir all my tension was gone in between (he was laughing)
M1: Okay what were doing outside ? you discussed with your friends about what we asked here ?
ME: Yes sir, I did.
M1: what did they said ?
ME : They said you were asking about Brexit, NPA, UPI and their hobbies.(Everyone one was smiling).
M1 : what else they said ?
ME: Sir, they said you were all nice and smiling always (everyone laughs and asked is it ? )
M1 : you must know Ramanujam (as i was from maths background) tell me what was the one thing he was famous for ?
ME: Silent( Giving hype like i was thinking deep 😛 )
M1: It was , It was something (bravo, i get know that he himself doesn’t know the answer)
ME: Sir Sir , It was feeboonic series (in serious face) (later i get know Fibonacci series was found my Fibonacci, Lol ) thank god they don’t know about maths.
M1 : yes yes, very Good.
M2 : Okay why cant you go for teaching line (as is was a MSc. graduate ) it was good hand salary without pressure.
ME:Sir, Already my parents were teachers i just don’t want to go on same on the line.(looks satisfied)
M3: okay lets come to banking, what difference between credit card and debit card ?
Me : Nailed it ( everyone 100% satisfied)
M4 :Okay you are a science graduate , let ask question in arts, who was the first home minister of india ? 
ME: Big silent (smiles down, i was about to get nervous )
M4: No no don’t worry , you answered well for all questions, so i just want to corner you (smiled )
F1:Okay teach some math tricks for us.
Me: i might need a pen paper
F1: anything just say it, square or cube ?
ME: 25 square (2 * 3 = 6 , 5 square is 25 so its 625)
F1: good good i was expecting that only.
M1: basically math students were genius.
F1: No no, not all of them  (she was facing me, but then she said)  no no not telling you, you are good… (everyone laughs)
M1: okay that is it, All The Best.
Overall i felt it was okay okay performance. I request you all that dont keep anything in your mind, Go free, tell what ever comes to your mind at first instant.They can easily understand if you are trying to makeup things.They were noting how fast and how truly you are answering for question. Relax, Go and talk just how you talk to your freinds. You will rock it.

Group Discusion
GD started at around 3.30 (as we are the last batch)
This was my first GD , the topic which the gave is ‘Marketing in banking sector‘(very common topics for all the batch, No CA topic in GD ). It was okay level and it went for 15 minutes.
TIPS(GD) : Listen guys, Don’t ever think others are talking good than you, as far as my observation you need have good eye contact with all persons in the group. It matters the way you talk not what you talk..very important thing is they were giving 1 min. time for every individual to talk about the topic at is what you need show your identity, As i saw everybody was talking only about Pros(advantages) in marketing, nobody talked about disadvantages of marketing, so finally i concluded with some points in disadvantages.
So what ever the topic they gives you, most of the people will think only on one side, but if you think something different in it… It will helps you to show you as a unique personality.That was my GD experience. All the best to you all.