Bank of Baroda PO 2017 GD and Interview Experience 8

Dear Readers,
My name is: Amit Kumar Singh
My GD/PI was on 10th July, 2017 at Baroda House, Lucknow at 9:30 AM. On that day, it was raining heavy. So, one of my friend booked a cab for me. It was my first GD/PI in any public-sector bank, but I was very excited to give my GD/PI. I wore black coat, black pant, white shirt and black tie. I thanked to god, my parents, friends and teachers. Before entering, i touched the feet of Baroda House. First process is document verification. After that, i allotted serial N.O. 12. I was in second group. There were 8 students in each group. I was really amazed after knowing that 2 students were absent in each group.

Group Discussion

At 11:30 AM, one of the madam instructed us to stand by serial No. wise. Then we entered into GD room.  The topic given to us was: ” Is it ethical for doctors to go for a strike or not”. They gave 2 minutes to write. After that they rang a bell, I initiate the GD. I discussed with groups, not with panel. Though it was difficult to address the group because everyone was sitting in a straight line. I discussed both advantages & disadvantages. I listened very carefully what others said about the topic. At the end, I gave conclusion and said thank you to panel. Then, everyone said thank you and asked us to proceed and leave the GD room. I was satisfied with GD. Some senior students said that you rock the GD and surely you will get the highest marks among all, probably 45marks out of 50. 

Personal Interview

Then time came for PI. My PI is as follows:
Me: Please may I come in?

F2: yes please.
I forget to say good morning. Chairman say please have a seat. I say thank you sir. But after I sat, I immediately said good morning maam, good morning sir.

F1: tell me something about yourself?
I answered.

F2: what is banking?
I answered.

F2: what are the basic facilities provided by banks?
I answered.

F2: Apart from these two facilities, what are the other facilities provided by banks?
I said sorry maam, I don’t remember it right now. She replied aap bata sakte hai, take 4 or 5 seconds to think. I tasked for permission if I could answer in Hindi. She replied yaa sure. Then, I answered correctly.

F2: what do you mean by customer services?
I answered.

F2: can you give one example?
I explain with example.

M3: what is retail banking?
Sorry sir, I don’t remember right now. ok, no problem.

M3: what is MSME?
I could tell only its full form and its union minister.

M3: isme kon kon se sectors aate hai?
I answered small and marginal farmers. He asked Are you sure? I replied, yes sir. He asked arey ye nahi hota hai. phir maine kaha sir isme 2 sectors aur aate hai, priority sector lending and micro sectors. phir unhone chairman se bola ki ab aap puchiye.

M4: why you join
I answered in Hindi, because I already took a permission to speak in Hindi.

M4: why not BSNL or ONGC, why only bank?
I answered in Hindi.

M4: tell me 2 types of antenna?
sorry sir, I don’t remember right now.
They said ok you can go now. And as I was about to stand from the chair, F2 asked me, Amit what your father do?
I answered. After that I went out of the room. Overall, I think it was fine. no situational, conditional or economy question. Hope for the best. Lets see what happen!!
Thank you bankers adda.

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