By Living In Harmony With Nature One Gains A Healthy Mind And Body.

Dear Readers,

We all know, pollution now a days has become a major threat to many lives post diwali. We all are breathing  the most hazardous air, which may leads to many severe diseases. It has become difficult to survive in such environment and to keep oneself healthy and active. Smog has forced people not to come out for outdoor activities. As the season of examination is on heat, it is important to take necessary steps towards your health so that you can focus more on exam preparation than the polluted environment. Remember if something irritates us, only we have to change it.

Tips To Keep Yourself Healthy And Fit in The Polluted Environment

  • While going outside, Always wear a mask (N95) to avoid inhaling of any harmful substance that may choke your throat.
  • Wash your hands after coming to home  from outside.
  • Drink more and more water. If possible try to drink warm water. This will keep your blood circulation flowing.
  • Wash your eyes with cold water to avoid itchiness in the eye.
  • Try not make any outdoor plans. If possible and not urgent, stay at home.
  • Have herbal and ginger or tulsi tea twice a day in adequate quantity.
  • Clean your house and surrounding to avoid accumulation of dust particles indoor.
  • Consider plantation inside your house as they help in providing fresh air.
  • Do not perform yoga or other activities outside area.

Students, the time is high to prepare for the upcoming exams with healthy mind. Even number of mains exams are lined up ahead to be conducted this particular month. It is very important for you to take these safety measures so that you keep yourself, family and friends away from the polluted environment. Remember healthy Mind lives in a healthy body. So try to focus on your studies and stay fit. All The Best!

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