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CISF Raising Day 2023, History and Significance

CISF Raising Day

The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) is one of the Central Armed Police Forces in India. It was established on March 10, 1969, and the CISF Raising Day is celebrated on this day every year to commemorate its formation. As per reports, this is the first time CISF will hold its raising day parade outside Delhi on March 12. Here in this post, we will discuss in detail CISF Raising Day, its history, and its significance.

CISF History

The CISF was established in 1969 under an act of Parliament with the aim of providing security to various public sector undertakings in India, such as airports, seaports, and other sensitive areas.

  • CISF was made an armed force of the Republic of India by another Act of Parliament passed on 15 June 1983.
  • CISF is one of six paramilitary forces in India.
  •  Its headquarters is in New Delhi.
  • CISF functions under the Ministry of Home Affairs.

CISF provides security to over 356 industrial units (including 13 Private Sector Units), government infrastructure projects, and facilities and establishments located all over India.

CISF Significance

The CISF is responsible for providing security to a variety of critical infrastructures and establishments in the country. Here is the significance of CISF and CISF Day.

  1. Provides security to airports, seaports, nuclear power plants, oil refineries, and other sensitive areas.
  2. CISF  plays a crucial role in maintaining the security of critical establishments.
  3. The CISF Raising Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm across the country.
  4. CISF personnel take part in parades and other events.
  5. For 2023, the raising day parade will be held at National Industrial Security Academy (NISA) in Hyderabad.

On CISF Raising Day, various events and parades are held to showcase the skills and capabilities of the CISF personnel. This is also an opportunity to recognize the sacrifices and contributions of the CISF personnel toward ensuring the safety and security of the nation.


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When is CISF Raising Day?

CISF raising day is celebrated each year on March 10.

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