Computer Questions for IBPS RRB PO and Clerk Mains 2017

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Computer Questions for IBPS RRB Mains 2017
Computer efficiency is now important in almost every stream and computer awareness is an important section in bank recruitment Examination. Practice with these 15 questions of Computer Knowledge for IBPS RRB Mains Exam 2017.

Q1. UDP and TCP are categorised under the _________ layer of the OSI model.    
(a) physical
(b) data link
(c) application
(d) transport
(e) network

Q2. Which layer of the OSI model defines the language and syntax for programs? 
(a) Data link layer
(b) Presentation layer
(c) Application layer
(d) Session layer
(e) Transport layer

Q3. Which of the following statements is true for three-tier architecture?  
(a) It is easy to setup
(b) It has a simply structure
(c) It provides high network traffic
(d) It is more secure
(e) None of these

Q4. Which of the following elements are used in an e-mail to express emotions of feelings clearly?  
(a) Acronyms
(b) Abbreviations
(c) Rich text
(d) Emotions or smileys
(e) All of these

Q5. Which of the following forms a part of a search engine?  
(a) Spiders or Web crawlers
(b) Indexing software
(c) Search algorithm
(d) All of these
(e) None of these

Q6. Copy and X Copy are same in the sense __________. 
(a) Both are internal command of DOS
(b) Both are external commands of DOS
(c) Both can be used to copy file or group of files
(d) Both a and b
(e) None of these

Q7. Which of the following are valid minimum & maximum zoom sizes in MS word?  
(a) 0, 100
(b) 0, 1000
(c) 10, 500
(d) 10, 100
(e) None of these

Q8. Each time you turn on your computer, it will check on the control file 
(a), io.sys, msdos.sys
(b) io.sys
(d) Chkdsk.exe
(e) None of these

Q9. Which among the following options specifies this action: Holding the mouse button down while moving an object of text?
(a) moving
(b) dragging
(c) saving
(d) highlighting
(e) None of these

Q10. Name the program a personal computer’s microprocessor uses to get the computer system started after you turn it on.
(a) BIOS
(b) VAIO
(c) I/O
(d) AVG
(e) VMware

Q11. Which among the following options is the line that describes the contents of the message while sending an e-mail?
(a) BCC
(b) to
(c) subject
(d) cc
(e) None of these

Q12. Which of the following menu types is also called a drop-down menu?
(a) fly-but
(b) cascading
(c) pop-down
(d) pull-down
(e) go-up

Q13. Which of the following computers exhibits the features of both analog the digital computers?  
(a) Hybrid computer
(b) Mini computer
(c) Laptop
(d) Mainframe computer
(e) None of these

Q14. These printers do not establish any mechanical contact between the print head and the paper. The examples of such type of printers are  
(a) line printers, drum printers
(b) drum printers and dot-matrix printers
(c) line printers and dot-matrix printers
(d) inkjet and laser printers
(e) All of these

Q15. Which of the following statements is not true about cache memory?  
(a) Cache memory is a form of Read only Memory (ROM)
(b) It is directly associated with the microprocessor
(c) Cache memory can be accessed much faster by a microprocessor in comparison to a RAM
(d) Cache memory is sometimes called CPU memory
(e) All of these

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