Computer Quiz for ECGC PO & Bank Mains Exams 2021- 23rd February

Q1.Which of the following keeps a list of web pages you have visited during the current session?
(a) history
(b) cache
(c) favorites
(d) trail
(e) None of these

Q2. Which of the following line describes the contents of the message, when sending an e-mail?
(a) to
(b) subject
(c) contents
(d) CC
(e) None of these

Q3.Every computer connected to an internet must have a distinct____
(a) UPS address
(b) proxy server
(c) IP address
(d) domain name
(e) None of these

Q4.What is the Full form of SDRM ?
(a) System Dynamic random access memory
(b) Series Dynamic random access memory
(c) Synchronous Dynamic random access memory
(d) System Dynamic reading access memory
(e) System Dynamic random active memory

Q5.To allow someone else to schedule your meetings and appointments, ______ feature of Outlook is used.
(a) Monthly calendar
(b) Event manager
(c) Messenger
(d) Delegate Access
(e) Event Calendar

Q6. The first computers were programmed using which of the following language.
(a) Assembly language
(b) Machine language
(c) Source code
(d) Object code
(e) None of the above

Q7.Which one of the following is a set of one or more attributes taken collectively to uniquely identify a record?
(a) Candidate key
(b) Sub key
(c) Super key
(d) Foreign key
(e) None of these

Q8.Which among the following operation relates to a set of computers connected to a LAN?
(a) They can process faster
(b) Main purpose is to go on line
(c) They can now share information and/or share peripheral equipment
(d) Sole purpose of sending/receiving E-mail
(e) They can only manage ROM

Q9.Graphical pictures that represent an object like file, folder etc. are?
(a) Task bar
(b) Windows
(c) Desktop
(d) Icons
(e) Control Panel

Q10.Which of the following option may be used to change page-size and margins?
(a) Page Layout
(b) View
(c) Tools
(d) Data
(e) None of these



Sol. Subject define the content of the email message.

Sol. IP address is short for Internet Protocol (IP) address. An IP address is an identifier for a computer or device on a network.

Sol. SDRAM (synchronous DRAM) is a generic name for various kinds of dynamic random access memory (DRAM) that are synchronized with the clock speed that the microprocessor is optimized for. This tends to increase the number of instructions that the processor can perform in a given time. The speed of SDRAM is rated in MHz rather than in nanoseconds (ns).

Sol. Delegate Access is a more advanced feature than just sharing your Outlook folders. If you want to grant additional permissions, such as allowing a delegate the ability to create e-mail messages or respond to meeting requests on your behalf, you must use Delegate Access.

S6. Ans. (b)
Sol. First computers were programmed using machine language.

S7. Ans. (c)
Sol. Super key is a set of one or more attributes taken collectively to uniquely identify a record

S8. Ans. (c)
Sol. LAN connection allows computers to share information and/or share peripheral equipment.

Sol. An icon is a small graphical representation of a program or file that, when clicked on, will be run or opened.

S10. Ans. (a)
Sol. Page Layout is used may be used to change page-size and margins.

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