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Daily Current Affairs 12 August 2023, Important News Headlines (Daily GK Update)

Read the most important current affairs of 12 August 2023. Today Current Affairs covers the headlines on Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, Monsoon: A Poem of Love and Longing, Bikash Sinha.

Top 14 Current Affairs and News Headlines of 12 August 2023

National News

1.Government Employee Unions Rally for Pension Rights in Delhi

Government Employee Unions Rally for Pension Rights in Delhi

  • Government employee unions have organized a massive rally in Delhi, named the “Pension Rights Maharally,” to voice their demand for the reinstatement of the Old Pension Scheme.
  • The rally was orchestrated by the Joint Forum for Restoration of Old Pension Scheme (JFROPS)/National Joint Council of Action (NJCA), representing central and state departments’ employees. The event took place at Ramlila Maidan on August 10.
  • The rally garnered participation from a diverse range of employees, including those from central and state departments, railways, public sector undertakings (PSUs), teaching professionals, defense personnel, and ex-paramilitary personnel from across the nation.

2.New Bill Proposes Changes in Appointment Process for Election Commissioners in India

New Bill Proposes Changes in Appointment Process for Election Commissioners in India

  • The central government of India has recently introduced a bill in the Rajya Sabha that aims to modify the process of appointing the Chief Election Commissioner and other Election Commissioners of the country. The proposed bill includes significant changes to the composition of the selection committee responsible for these appointments.
  • One of the notable changes proposed by the bill is the removal of the Chief Justice of India from the selection committee that determines the appointments of the Chief Election Commissioner and other Election Commissioners.
  • The bill’s introduction follows a significant ruling by the Supreme Court in March, aimed at ensuring the impartiality and autonomy of the Election Commission. Prior to this ruling, appointments to the Election Commission were made based on the government’s recommendations and were ultimately approved by the President.

3.The Bharatiya Sakshya Bill, 2023: Revamping India’s Criminal Justice System

The Bharatiya Sakshya Bill, 2023: Revamping India's Criminal Justice System

  • Union Home Minister Amit Shah introduced three new bills in Lok Sabha to reform the criminal justice system in India. Among these bills is the Bharatiya Sakshya Bill, which aims to replace the outdated Indian Evidence Act of 1872.
  • The Bharatiya Sakshya Bill, 2023, seeks to consolidate and establish general rules and principles of evidence to ensure a fair trial in criminal cases.
  • The current Indian Evidence Act is outdated and lacks provisions that cater to the modern landscape. The new bill aims to rectify this by modernizing the laws surrounding evidence and aligning them with the current needs and aspirations of the populace.

4.India Aims to Triple Natural Gas Share to 15% by 2030: Minister

India Aims to Triple Natural Gas Share to 15% by 2030: Minister

  • India is embarking on a bold journey to significantly enhance its current 6% share of natural gas within its energy mix to a robust 15% by the year 2030. This audacious endeavor is being spearheaded by Rameswar Teli, the Minister of State in the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas.
  • A pivotal step involves the expansion of the National Gas Grid Pipeline, creating an extensive network for efficient distribution of natural gas across the nation. Setting up LNG Terminals is a another aspect, facilitating the import and storage of liquefied natural gas to meet the growing demand.
  • The government is dedicated to ensuring a steady supply of domestic gas for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) in the transportation sector and Piped Natural Gas (PNG) for domestic usage. The government’s forward-looking stance includes granting marketing and pricing freedom to gas extracted from high-pressure/high-temperature areas, deep water, ultra-deep water, and coal seams.

International News

5.Canada starts accepting PTE scores for Student Direct Stream applications

Canada starts accepting PTE scores for Student Direct Stream applications

  • In a significant development for international students aspiring to study in Canada, the country’s Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has officially sanctioned the use of Pearson’s PTE Academic test as an English language proficiency assessment.
  • Earlier this year, the IRCC made a momentous decision by endorsing Pearson’s PTE Academic test as a valid measure of English language proficiency. This move acknowledges the rigorous standards and accuracy of the PTE Academic assessment, further enhancing the credibility and global recognition of this language proficiency test.
  • Students who have taken the PTE Academic test before August 10 are eligible to benefit from this new directive. As long as these scores are submitted within the stipulated expiry period set by the IRCC, they can be used for Student Direct Stream (SDS) applications.

State News

6.CM Solar Mission launched in power deficit Meghalaya

CM Solar Mission launched in power deficit Meghalaya

  • In a significant step towards harnessing renewable energy and reducing power deficits, Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma launched the Chief Minister’s Solar Mission. The mission, backed by an investment of Rs 500 crore from the government over the next five years, is set to transform the state’s energy landscape and contribute to its sustainable development.
  • This aggressive expansion plan is set to be supported by net metering, which will allow higher capacity hybrid solar units to feed energy into both local and national grids. The subsidy structure is designed to encourage a broad range of beneficiaries, with individual households eligible for a 70% subsidy and schools, hospitals, hotels, and commercial entities qualifying for a 50% subsidy.
  • In addition to the solar mission, Chief Minister Sangma unveiled plans for setting up LED assembling units across the state, providing employment opportunities for the youth and advancing self-reliance.

7.Uttar Pradesh Records Maximum Cases Of Cancer

Uttar Pradesh records maximum cases of cancer

  • According to the Indian Council of Medical Research Cancer Registry data, Uttar Pradesh, registered the highest count of cancer cases in India. During the year 2022, the state documented an astonishing 210,000 new cases, marking a significant uptick from the 201,000 cases registered in 2020.
  • The state of Uttar Pradesh also logged the highest count of fatalities linked to cancer, with a remarkable 116,818 individuals succumbing to this formidable ailment. The mortality rate in Uttar Pradesh was on par with the national average, while Maharashtra ranked second in terms of fatalities.
  • In response to the growing cancer crisis, the Union government has implemented a range of initiatives aimed at improving healthcare access for cancer patients. Government hospitals offer either free or highly subsidized treatment for cancer patients in need.

Business News

8.NCLT Approves $10 Billion Mega-Merger Between Zee and Sony

NCLT approves $10 bn mega-merger between Zee and Sony

  • The National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) has given the green light to the merger between India’s prominent entertainment company, Zee Entertainment Enterprises, and Culver Max Entertainment (formerly known as Sony Pictures Networks India or SPNI).
  • The decision was handed down by the panel led by Justice HV Subba Rao alongside member Madhu Sinha. SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India)  is expected to deliver its final decision on the matter on 14th of August.
  • The merged entity is poised to reshape the landscape of the entertainment industry. The collaborative strength of these two industry titans holds the potential to inaugurate a fresh era of exceptional entertainment, captivating audiences and molding the trajectory of India’s prominent entertainment realm.

Economy News

9.Indian Economy to Grow at 6% in FY24, Say NIPFP Researchers

Indian Economy to Grow at 6% in FY24, Say NIPFP Researchers

  • In a recent mid-year macroeconomic review, the National Institute of Public Finance and Policy (NIPFP) has forecasted that India’s economic growth will likely decelerate to 6% in the financial year 2023-24 (FY24), down from the 7.2% recorded in FY23.
  • This projected slowdown is attributed to prevailing headwinds in the global economy. The NIPFP analysis takes into consideration various economic indicators and trends, offering valuable insights into the potential trajectory of India’s economy.
  • This forecast is influenced by the broader global economic conditions . External factors such as shifts in global trade dynamics, commodity price fluctuations, and uncertainties related to pandemic recovery collectively shape India’s economic performance.

Important Days News

10.World Elephant Day 2023

Daily Current Affairs 12 August 2023, Important News Headlines (Daily GK Update)_12.1

  • World Elephant Day, observed globally on August 12, is a significant event dedicated to raising awareness about the pressing challenges faced by elephants and advocating for their protection and conservation.
  • This observance serves as a vital platform to highlight issues such as habitat loss, ivory poaching, human-elephant conflicts, and the urgent need for improved conservation efforts. It also aims to promote the importance of safeguarding these magnificent creatures for future generations and to encourage actions that contribute to their welfare and survival.
  • In 2012, Patricia Sims, a Canadian, and the Elephant Reintroduction Foundation of Thailand, led by HM Queen Sirikit, established World Elephant Day. Patricia Sims has been overseeing this initiative ever since.

11.International Youth Day 2023

Daily Current Affairs 12 August 2023, Important News Headlines (Daily GK Update)_13.1

  • Every year, on the 12th of August, the global community comes together to celebrate International Youth Day. This annual occasion serves as a dedicated day of awareness and action, recognized by the United Nations (UN), to address pertinent issues affecting the world’s youth population.
  • This occasion provides a platform to acknowledge and honor the inherent qualities of youth, recognizing their potential to shape the destiny of nations and the entire world.
  • The roots of International Youth Day can be traced back to 1965 when the United Nations General Assembly initiated a deliberate focus on the younger generation. By endorsing the Declaration on the Promotion among Youth of the Ideals of Peace, Mutual Respect, and Understanding between Peoples, the UN marked the inception of its commitment to empowering youth.

Books and Authors News

12.Poet­ Diplomat Abhay K Launches his New Book ‘Monsoon’

Daily Current Affairs 12 August 2023, Important News Headlines (Daily GK Update)_14.1

  • Indian ­poet ­diplomat Abhay Kumar (Abhay K), Deputy Director General of Indian Council of Cultural Relations (ICCR), launched his new book titled “Monsoon: A Poem of Love and Longing”, a book­length poem running across 150 fourline stanzas, at Kathika Culture Centre in Old Delhi, Delhi.
  • The book was published by Sahitya Akademi on the occasion of its 68th anniversary (13th March 2022). The book is a poem that follows the monsoon which originates from Madagascar and travels to the Srinagar in the Himalayas and back to Madagascar.

Awards News

13.Subhash Runwal receives the Lifetime Achievement Award RICS

Daily Current Affairs 12 August 2023, Important News Headlines (Daily GK Update)_15.1

  • Subhash Runwal, Chairman of Runwal, a leading real estate developer with a legacy of over four decades, has been recognized with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the first-ever RICS South Asia Awards.
  • RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) is a global industry body representing professionals across the country. Hosting its first-ever awards, it aimed to recognize global and Indian industry-leading achievements and demonstrate the upholding of the highest standards of professionalism and ethics by individuals and teams across built and natural environments.
  • This recognition is a testimony to Runwal’s exceptional contributions, outstanding achievements, and unwavering dedication to the real estate sector.

Obituaries News

14.Renowned nuclear physicist Bikash Sinha passes away

Daily Current Affairs 12 August 2023, Important News Headlines (Daily GK Update)_16.1

  • Renowned nuclear physicist Bikash Sinha has passed away at the age of 78, was suffering from old age-related ailments. A recipient of Padma Shri in 2001 and Padma Bhusan in 2010, he was the former director of the Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics and Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre.
  • Sinha specialized in nuclear physics, high energy physics, Quark Gluon Plasma and early universe cosmology. He led the Indian team for the first time to participate in the experiments at the European Organization for Nuclear Research in Geneva.

Important Current Affairs of 12th August 2023

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Who recieved the Lifetime Achievement Award at the first-ever RICS South Asia Awards?

Subhash Runwal, Chairman of a leading real estate developer 'Runwal', recieved the Lifetime Achievement Award at the first-ever RICS South Asia Awards.

Who launched his new book titled “Monsoon: A Poem of Love and Longing”?

Indian poet & diplomat Abhay Kumar launched his new book titled “Monsoon: A Poem of Love and Longing”.