Daily Vocabulary: 10th February

Word: Intermediary (बिचौलिया, मध्यस्थ)
Meaning: a person who acts as a link between people in order to try and bring about an agreement; a mediator.
Synonyms: broker, mediator, middleman, agent, interim
Antonyms: protagonist, excessive, off-centre
Usage in a sentence: He served as an intermediary between the workers and the executives.

Word: Infringe (उल्लंघन करना, अतिक्रमण करना)
Meaning: actively break the terms of (a law, agreement, etc.).
Synonyms: violate, breach, break, transgress, violation
Antonyms: obey, comply, follow, observe
Usage in a sentence: They claim that his use of the name infringes their copyright.

Word: Traceable (पता लगाने के योग्य)
Meaning: able to be found or discovered.
Synonyms: trackable, referable, attributable, identifiable, recognizable
Antonyms: untraceable, faint, imperceptible, invisible
Usage in a sentence: We will need to trace the electrical wires through the walls.

Word: Encrypt (कूट रूप देना)
Meaning: convert (information or data) into a code, especially to prevent unauthorized access.
Synonyms: encode, encipher, code, inscribe
Antonyms: interpret, decode, decipher, decrypt, translate
Usage in a sentence: The software will encrypt the message before it is sent.

Word: Validity (मान्यता तारीख, पुष्टता)
Meaning: the quality of being logically or factually sound; soundness or cogency.
Synonyms: effectiveness, efficacy, legitimacy, authenticity, effectivity
Antonyms: falsity, invalidity, falsehood, absurdity
Usage in a sentence: Some researchers have questioned the validity of the test results.

Word: Feasible (व्यवहार्य)
Meaning: possible to do easily or conveniently.
Synonyms: possible, practicable, workable, viable
Antonyms: impossible, unsustainable, unfeasible, impractical
Usage in a sentence: The government has now made it feasible for tourists to spend as long as a month in the country.

Word: Monger (सौदागर)
Meaning: denoting a dealer or trader in a specified commodity.
Synonyms: trader, dealer, merchant, trafficker, vendor
Antonyms: customer, payer
Usage in a sentence: The Iranian President the US to ‘‘abandon war mongers and warmongering policies,’’ in an apparent reference to Bolton, who pushed for more aggressive action against Iran.

Word: Threshold (सीमा)
Meaning: a strip of wood or stone forming the bottom of a doorway and crossed in entering a house or room.
Synonyms: limit, boundary, door, brink, verge
Antonyms: end, closure, finish
Usage in a sentence: If your income rises above a certain threshold, your tax rate also rises.

Word: Contingency (आकस्मिक घटना)
Meaning: a future event or circumstance which is possible but cannot be predicted with certainty.
Synonyms: emergency, incident, chance
Antonyms: certainty, reality, truth
Usage in a sentence: Mike had talked about contingency plans for the catastrophe.

Word: Proactive (अग्रसक्रिय)
Meaning: (of a person or action) creating or controlling a situation rather than just responding to it after it has happened.
Synonyms: active, dynamic, farsighted, anticipatory, enterprising
Antonyms: passive, idle, sluggish, weak
Usage in a sentence: The city is taking a proactive approach to fighting crime by hiring more police officers.

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