Daily Vocabulary: 12th November 2019

To strengthen the crust and core of your English language, what you need is new and effective words added to your dictionary every day. This is a tedious task if you sit with the dictionary every day. Adda247 brings to you a compact way of learning constantly and efficiently. This is today’s Vocabulary for the aspirants who are preparing for the various banking examinations. SBI Clerk, LIC ADO, IBPS RRB, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk are some of the upcoming examinations which can be prepared with the aid of daily Vocabulary. Vocab will help you excel not just in the examinations but will help you sail through the Interview round of the examinations you are preparing for. The words you choose will accelerate you in the correct path towards success and we hope that this article serves the purpose. Here is the vocabulary for 12th November 2019.

VANDALIZE(Verb) : उपद्रव मचाना
Meaning:to intentionally damage property belonging to other people
Synonyms:demolish, damage
Antonyms:build, construct
Example:When I got back, my car had been vandalized.

GULLIBLE(Adjective) : आसानी से धोखा खानेवाला
Meaning:easily deceived or tricked
Synonyms:foolish, credulous
Antonyms:wise, astute
Example:There are any number of miracle cures on the market for people gullible enough to buy them.

SHUNT(Verb) : अलग धकेलना
Meaning:to push or shove something
Synonyms:avoid, deter
Antonyms:aid, allow
Example:It’s unfortunate that our society tends to shunt older workers to retirement before they are ready.

GAUNT(Adjective)  : पतला
Meaning:extremely skinny, typically because of illness or starvation
Synonyms:grim, thin
Antonyms:fat, heavy
Example:After being held in a dark basement for three months, the prisoner was gaunt and weak.

FLEDGLING(Noun)  : अनुभवहीन मनुष्य
Meaning: a person or organization that is immature, inexperienced, or underdeveloped.
Synonyms: emerging, dawning, beginning; developing
Antonyms: declining, mature
Example: One of these was a fledgling author by the name of Ayn Rand.

STYMIE(Verb) : गतिरोध
Meaning: prevent or hinder the progress of.
Synonyms: hamper, hinder, obstruct, inhibit,
Antonyms: assist, help
Example: Such a relationship will certainly stymie a positive editorial association.

RECALCITRANT(Adjective) : अड़ियल
Meaning: having an obstinately uncooperative attitude towards authority or discipline.
Synonyms:  intractable, unmanageable, ungovernable, refractory
Antonyms: amenable, docile, compliant
Example: But even the most recalcitrant could embrace one of the chesterfields or comfy cardigans.

DEROGATORY(Adjective): अपमानजनक
Meaning: showing a critical or disrespectful attitude.
Synonyms: disparaging, slighting, pejorative, belittling
Antonyms: complimentary, appreciative, favorable, flattering
Example: He made some derogatory comment/remark about her appearance.

INDELIBLE(Adjective) : अमिट
Meaning: not able to be forgotten.
Synonyms: indestructible, permanent, lasting, persisting
Antonyms: delible, destructible, erasable, impermanent
Example: Getting out didn’t make such an indelible impression as going in.

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