Daily Vocabulary: 24th October 2019

To strengthen the crust and core of your English language, what you need is new and effective words added to your dictionary every day. This is a tedious task if you sit with the dictionary every day. Adda247 brings to you a compact way of learning constantly and efficiently. This is today’s Vocabulary for the aspirants who are preparing for the various banking examinations. SBI Clerk, LIC ADO, IBPS RRB, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk are some of the upcoming examinations which can be prepared with the aid of daily Vocabulary. Vocab will help you excel not just in the examinations but will help you sail through the Interview round of the examinations you are preparing for. The words you choose will accelerate you in the correct path towards success and we hope that this article serves the purpose. Here is the vocabulary for 24th October 2019.

EVANGELICAL (Adjective) : रूढ़िवादी
Meaning:  of or according to the teaching of the gospel or the Christian religion.
Synonyms: scriptural, biblical, Bible-believing, fundamentalist, orthodox
Example: He delivered his speech with evangelical fervour.

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SURREAL(Adjective) : विचित्र
Meaning: having the qualities of surrealism; bizarre.
Synonyms: unreal, bizarre, unusual, weird, strange
Antonyms: real
Example: The program’s surreal story line was not popular at all with fans of reality television

ENCRUST (Verb) : चढ़ाना
Meaning: cover or decorate (something) with a hard surface layer.
Synonyms: cover, fill, stuff
Antonyms: strip
Example: The mussels encrust navigation buoys.

APOTHEOSIS (noun)  : गुणगान
Meaning: the highest point in the development of something; a culmination or climax.
Synonyms: peak, pinnacle, summit, zenith.
Antonyms: nadir, debasement, jab, imperfectness.
Example: When my teacher said that my sculpture was the apotheosis of all the other pieces of art in the class, I was thrilled.

WRANGLE (noun)  : लड़ाई
Meaning: a dispute or argument, typically one that is long and complicated.
Synonyms: quarrel, tussle, clash, brawl.
Antonyms: acquiesce, agreement, peace, harmony.
Example: The two countries fell out in a bitter wrangle over imports.

DOTARD (noun)  : बूढ़ा
Meaning: an old person, especially one who has become weak or senile.
Synonyms: oldster, graybeard, grandsire, elder.
Antonyms: juvenile, teen, minor, youth.
Example: As the dotard slowly walked with a cane, he struggled with figuring out where the senior citizen center was located even though he had been there dozens of times.

REDACT (verb): संपादन करना
Meaning: edit (text) for publication.
Synonyms: correct, rectify, repair, fix.
Antonyms: befoul, deteriorate, diminish, hinder.
Example: Some of the conclusions in the report have been redacted.

STEWARD (noun)  : प्रबंधक
Meaning: a person employed to manage another’s property, especially a large house or estate.
Synonyms: manager, agent, custodian, caretaker.
Antonyms: intimidator, client, acolyte, subordinate.
Example: The house steward, Donald, picked up her baggage from rear of the carriage.

RIG(verb) : छल
Meaning: manage or conduct (something) fraudulently so as to gain an advantage.
Synonyms: gerrymander, juggle, distort, misrepresent.
Antonyms: divest, disrobe, doff, deprive.
Usage: America has a long history of vote tampering and rigged elections in many local jurisdictions.

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