Daily Vocabulary Words 16th April 2020- Daily Use Words

Here is the 16th April Vocabulary, It will be helpful for exams like SBI PO, RBI Assistant Mains, SBI Clerk Mains, and other exams.

EMANCIPATE(Verb) : स्वतंत्र करना
Meaning: to give people social or political freedom and rights
Synonyms: liberate, loosen
Antonyms: detain, hold
Example: It neither made him be human to his slaves nor to emancipate them.

ENSHROUD(Verb) : छिपाना
Meaning: envelop completely and hide from view.
Synonyms: conceal, pall
Antonyms: disclose, divulge
Example: The boy is trying to enshroud himself by placing a hoodie over his head.

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BEDECK (verb) : सजाना
Meaning: to decorate or cover.
Synonyms: adorn, bedizen, embellish, emblaze.
Antonyms: denude, blemish, deface, disfigure.
Example: The cars were all bedecked with flowers for the wedding ceremony.

ENVIRON (verb) : लगभग
Meaning: surround; enclose.
Synonyms: encircle, envelop, cloak, swathe.
Antonyms: unbridle, free, open, release.
Example: The stone circle was environed by an expanse of peat soil.

FRIVOLOUS (adjective): तुच्छ
Meaning: not having any serious purpose or value.
Synonyms: flippant, glib, waggish
Antonyms: serious, practical, important
Example: Isabelle was a frivolous little fool, vain and flighty.

BENIGNANT (adjective): महरबान
Meaning: having or marked by sympathy and consideration for others.
Synonyms: benevolent, compassionate, humane, kindhearted.
Antonyms: atrocious, brutal, callous, fiendish.
Example: The queen had a benignant reputation and was loved for her caring treatment of others.

NONPAREIL (adjective) :अतुल
Meaning: having no match or equal; unrivaled.
Synonyms: incomparable, unrivaled, unparalleled, unsurpassable.
Antonyms: common, normal, ordinary, inferior.
Example: The champions deserved the title because they were nonpareil all season and won every game.

DECREE(Noun): हुक्मनामा
Meaning: to declare formally and with authority
Synonyms: directive, edict
Antonyms: lawlessness
Example: The president decreed that Halloween would henceforth be a national holiday.

ADORATION(Noun): आराधना
Meaning: deep love, devotion, and respect
Synonyms: love, affection
Antonyms: hatred, dislike
Example: She smiled in adoration of the picture her daughter drew for her.

VERNACULAR (noun): मातृभाषा
Meaning: used in or suitable for speech and not formal writing.
Synonyms: colloquial, jargon, argot, patois.
Antonyms: standard, undialectical, genteel, formal.
Example: While the author never stated the novel’s setting, the vernacular of the characters identified the location as somewhere in Asia.

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