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English Language Quiz For Bank Foundation 2024-08th January

Directions (1-5): In each of the question given below a/an idiom/phrase is given in bold which is then followed by five options which then try to decipher its meaning. Choose the option which gives the correct meaning of the phrases.

Q1. Knight in shining armor

(a) a coward man
(b) a chivalrous man
(c) a chivalrous story
(d) an enraged person
(e) a selfish person

Q2. Know the ropes

(a) to know the way
(b) to be a beginner
(c) to have a plan
(d) to be experienced
(e) to be gallant

Q3. Larger than life

(a) to be cruel
(b) to be haughty
(c) to be impressive and important
(d) to be disrespectful
(e) to be happy

Q4. Extend the olive branch

(a) to reduce efforts
(b) to show interest in gardening
(c) to declare ceasefire null
(d) to enrage the enemy
(e) to step to achieve peace

Q5. In stitches

(a) to laugh so hard
(b) in a good mood
(c) in a bad condition
(d) to improve the quality of something
(e) to reduce the cost


S1. Ans.(b)
Sol.  “A knight in shining armor” is a heroic, idealized male who typically comes to the rescue of a female.
Example: “He saved me from humiliation – he’s my knight in shining armor.”

S2. Ans.(d)
Sol. Someone who “knows the ropes” is experienced at what they are doing. “Showing someone the ropes” means to explain to them how something is done.
Example: “Ask John, he knows the ropes around here.”

S3. Ans.(c)
Sol. The phrase “larger than life” refers to a flamboyant, gregarious person whose mannerisms or appearance is considered more outlandish than those of other people.
Example: “His colorful waistcoats and unusual taste for hats made him a larger-than-life character in the local community.”

S4. Ans.(e)
Sol.To extend the olive branch” is to take steps towards achieving peace with an enemy (or simply someone with whom you have fallen out).
Example: “I thought it was about time I went over there and extended the olive branch.”

S5. Ans.(a)
Sol. If you’re “in stitches”, you’re laughing so hard that your sides hurt.
Example: “He was so funny – he had me in stitches all evening.”

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English Language Quiz For Bank Foundation 2024-08th January |_40.1

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