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Daily Current Affairs 08 January 2024, Important News Headlines (Daily GK Update)

Read the most important current affairs of 08 January 2024. Today Current Affairs covers the headlines on Bangladesh Election 2024, ‘Rashtriya Khel Protsahan Puruskar’ 2023, Earth’s Rotation Day 2024.

Top 18 Current Affairs and News Headlines of 08 January 2024

International News

1.EAM S. Jaishankar Boosts India-Nepal Relations in Two-Day Visit

Daily Current Affairs 08 January 2024, Important News Headlines (Daily GK Update) |_30.1

  • In a diplomatic triumph, India’s External Affairs Minister (EAM) S. Jaishankar concluded his two-day visit to Nepal, solidifying ties through various initiatives and agreements.
  • The pivotal event of the visit was the 7th India-Nepal Joint Commission meeting, culminating in a landmark accord for India to import 10,000 MW of hydroelectricity from Nepal over the next decade.
  • Moreover, India announced a financial package of Nepali Rs 1,000 crore (USD 75 million) for rebuilding infrastructure in areas affected by the 2015 earthquake.

2.Kyrgyzstan Declares Snow Leopard As National Symbol

Daily Current Affairs 08 January 2024, Important News Headlines (Daily GK Update) |_40.1

  • Kyrgyzstan, a country nestled in the heart of Central Asia, has officially declared the snow leopard as its national symbol, signifying a profound commitment to conservation and ecological balance.
  • President Zhaparov has directed the Cabinet of Ministers to actively recognize the snow leopard as a national symbol and take measures to protect its population and the ecosystems it inhabits.
  • President Sadyr Zhaparov, through a signed decree, emphasized the snow leopard’s role not only as a symbol of natural wealth and cultural prosperity but also as a vital indicator of the stability and health of the mountain ecosystems that cover a substantial portion of the global territory.

3.Bangladesh Election 2024: Sheikh Hasina Secures Fifth Term Amid Opposition Boycott

Daily Current Affairs 08 January 2024, Important News Headlines (Daily GK Update) |_50.1

  • In a momentous turn of events, Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has been re-elected for a fifth term, marking a significant milestone in the country’s political landscape. According to the Election Commission and reports from various TV stations, the Awami League secured 216 seats out of 299 in the parliamentary election.
  • The ruling Awami League, under Hasina’s leadership, has triumphed once again, securing more than half of the parliamentary seats. This victory reaffirms Sheikh Hasina’s position as the world’s longest-serving female head of government.

State News

4.Delhi’s Robust Economic Growth: Per Capita Income Soars by Over 14% to Rs 4,44,768

Daily Current Affairs 08 January 2024, Important News Headlines (Daily GK Update) |_60.1

  • In a remarkable achievement, Delhi’s per capita income surged by over 14%, reaching Rs 4,44,768 in the current fiscal year. The latest Statistical Handbook-2023, released by the Economic and Statistics department of the Delhi government, highlights the capital’s outstanding socio-economic progress.
  • The Kejriwal government achieved commendable benchmarks in the public services sector, with a notable enhancement in public transportation. An average of 41 lakh passengers daily commuted on buses in 2023.
  • Moreover, Delhi is at the forefront of the electric vehicle revolution, boasting 7,200 buses on the streets, including 1,300 electric buses. The number of electricity consumers increased by nearly 2.8 lakh, and over 1 lakh water connections were added in 2022-23.

5.West Bengal Secures GI Tags for Unique Products, Boosting Local Economies

Daily Current Affairs 08 January 2024, Important News Headlines (Daily GK Update) |_70.1

  • In a significant stride towards safeguarding its cultural and agricultural heritage, West Bengal has successfully obtained Geographical Indication (GI) tags for several products under the National GI Drive Mission.
  • Recognition of Sunderbans Honey – ‘Mouban’: The coveted GI tag has been granted to Sunderbans honey, locally known as ‘Mouban,’ collected by the ‘Mouli’ community.
  • Black Nunia Rice – ‘Prince of Rice’: Hailing from Jalpaiguri district, Black Nunia rice, known as the ‘Prince of Rice,’ has earned its GI tag. This indigenous rice variety adds to the agricultural richness of the state.
  • Distinctive Sarees – Tangail, Gorod, and Kadiyal: West Bengal Forest Development Corporation Limited (WBFDCL) applied for the GI tag for Tangail, Gorod, and Kadiyal sarees, reflecting the rich textile heritage of the region. Mirzapur in Murshidabad district is renowned for producing exclusive Kadiyal sarees.

6.GIM2024: Tamil Nadu’s $1 Trillion Economy Vision Unveiled

Daily Current Affairs 08 January 2024, Important News Headlines (Daily GK Update) |_80.1

  • The Tamil Nadu government, led by Chief Minister MK Stalin, revealed its ambitious vision for the state to achieve a $1 trillion economy by 2030 during the Global Investors Meet in Chennai on January 7.
  • It strategically aims for $3.8-4.3 trillion in investments to attract FDI and boost local expansion. The goal is holistic growth, ensuring prosperity across all regions with a focus on climate consciousness and sustainability in all initiatives.
  • Priorities include human capital growth, innovation through industry-academia partnerships, fostering an industry-friendly climate, advocating transparent governance, and developing sustainable infrastructure.

Banking News

7.RBI’s Financial Stability Report (FSR) – December 2023: Key Highlights

Daily Current Affairs 08 January 2024, Important News Headlines (Daily GK Update) |_90.1

  • The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) recently released the 28th issue of the Financial Stability Report (FSR), offering a comprehensive evaluation of the Indian financial system’s resilience and potential risks.
  • The report, based on the findings of the Sub-Committee of the Financial Stability and Development Council (FSDC), sheds light on both global and domestic economic conditions.
  • Scheduled commercial banks (SCBs) showcase strength with a Capital to Risk-Weighted Assets Ratio (CRAR) of 16.8% and a Common Equity Tier 1 (CET1) ratio of 13.7% in September 2023.
  • SCBs’ Gross Non-Performing Assets (GNPA) ratio hits a multi-year low at 3.2%, with Net Non-Performing Assets (NNPA) at 0.8% in September 2023.

Business News

8.Vietnam Invests $2 Billion In Tamil Nadu EV Facility

Daily Current Affairs 08 January 2024, Important News Headlines (Daily GK Update) |_100.1

  • Vietnamese electric vehicle giant VinFast Auto Ltd made a significant announcement on Sunday, revealing plans to establish an integrated electric vehicle facility in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.
  • With an eye on breaking into the world’s third-largest automobile market, the automaker confirmed its commitment to invest a staggering $2 billion in the state.
  • VinFast Auto earmarked an initial investment of $500 million for the first phase of the project, spanning a five-year period from the commencement date. The ambitious project is set to kick off construction this year, with the capacity to produce as many as 150,000 electric vehicles annually.

Important Days News

9.African National Congress Foundation Day 2024

Daily Current Affairs 08 January 2024, Important News Headlines (Daily GK Update) |_110.1

  • The African National Congress (ANC), a pivotal force in South Africa’s history, celebrates its Foundation Day on January 8, commemorating its establishment in 1912. This day marks the ANC’s enduring commitment to uniting African people and defending their rights and freedoms.
  • The ANC, initially founded as the South African Native National Congress (SANNC) in Bloemfontein, symbolizes a landmark event in Africa’s struggle against centuries of exploitation and humiliation. It aimed to counter oppressive laws and taxes designed to dispossess Africans of their land. The notorious 1913 Land Act, which severely restricted African land rights, catalyzed the SANNC’s activism.

10.Earth’s Rotation Day 2024

Daily Current Affairs 08 January 2024, Important News Headlines (Daily GK Update) |_120.1

  • Every year, Earth’s Rotation Day is celebrated on January 8, and this year, the special day falls on a Monday. It’s a day dedicated to recognizing the pivotal discovery of Earth’s rotation on its axis.
  • Earth’s Rotation Day serves as an educational opportunity, especially for children, to learn about and be inspired by our planet’s dynamics. It encourages curiosity and a deeper understanding of the phenomenon of Earth’s rotation
  • Earth’s Rotation Day is celebrated to honor Léon Foucault’s groundbreaking experiment. This observance prioritizes Foucault’s work over other experiments conducted to demonstrate Earth’s rotation. Foucault’s experiment not only proved the Earth’s rotation but also made the concept more accessible and understandable to the public.

Ranks & Reports News

11.Chennai Tops As Best City For Indian Women

Daily Current Affairs 08 January 2024, Important News Headlines (Daily GK Update) |_130.1

  • Chennai emerged as the top Indian city for women in 2023 in terms of inclusivity and conduciveness to working women, as per findings from diversity, equity, and inclusivity consultant Avtar Group’s Top Cities for Women in India (TCWI) 2023.
  • Tamil Nadu cities topped both categories that the study covered – 49 cities in the million-plus population category and 64 cities in the less than a million-population category.
  • National capital Delhi, notorious for crimes against women, made its debut in the top 10 by positioning itself on the 8th rank. Delhi held a CIS rank of 14 last year.

Summits & Conferences News

12.International Purple Fest 2024

Daily Current Affairs 08 January 2024, Important News Headlines (Daily GK Update) |_140.1

  • The International Purple Fest – Goa 2024, India’s inaugural inclusive festival for persons with disabilities, kicked off today and is set to captivate audiences until January 13.
  • The festival, organized by the Office of the State Commissioner of Persons with Disabilities, Government of Goa, and supported by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, showcases unity and diversity in a spectacular display.
  • The Opening Ceremony boasts engaging music, dance, and entertainment performances by Persons with Disabilities, symbolizing their remarkable talents.
  • With an expected global turnout of over 8,000 delegates, the International Purple Fest promises to be a global celebration of diversity, inclusivity, and empowerment. Stay tuned for updates on this extraordinary journey towards a more inclusive future.

Agreements News

13.Cabinet Greenlights India-Guyana MoU For Hydrocarbon Sector Collaboration

Daily Current Affairs 08 January 2024, Important News Headlines (Daily GK Update) |_150.1

  • The Union Cabinet has granted approval for the signing of a MoU between the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, Government of India, and the Ministry of Natural Resources, Republic of Guyana. This MoU aims to foster collaboration in the hydrocarbon sector, covering various aspects of the value chain.
  • Under the MoU, collaborative initiatives include: Crude Oil Sourcing, where India acquires oil from Guyana; Exploration and Production (E&P) Sector, with Indian companies actively participating; Oil Refining, involving joint efforts in refining Guyana’s crude oil.
  • Capacity Building, with skill development initiatives in the hydrocarbon sector; Bilateral Trade, focusing on enhancing trade relations; Natural Gas Sector, collaborating in exploration and development; jointly developing policies for Guyana’s oil & gas sector; Clean Energy, involving collaboration in biofuels and renewables like solar energy.

Appointments News

14.Ashwani Gupta Appointed as CEO of Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone

Daily Current Affairs 08 January 2024, Important News Headlines (Daily GK Update) |_160.1

  • Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone (APSEZ), India’s premier ports and logistics company, has announced significant changes in its leadership structure, marking a new era in its corporate journey.
  • APSEZ has promoted its CEO Karan Adani to the role of Managing Director. This move signifies a shift in responsibilities, with Karan Adani stepping into a role previously held by Gautam Adani.
  • Gautam Adani, Chairman of the Adani Group, will now serve as the ‘Executive Chairman’ of APSEZ, reflecting a focus on strategic oversight and global growth.
  • In a notable appointment, Ashwani Gupta, former global Chief Operating Officer at Nissan Motors, has been named the new Chief Executive Officer of APSEZ. Gupta brings a wealth of nearly three decades of experience across various sectors, including automotive, retail, and manufacturing.

Awards News

15.Ministry Of Youth Affairs & Sports Declares ‘Rashtriya Khel Protsahan Puruskar’ 2023

Daily Current Affairs 08 January 2024, Important News Headlines (Daily GK Update) |_170.1

  • The Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports has recently unveiled the recipients of the prestigious ‘Rashtriya Khel Protsahan Puruskar‘ for the year 2023.
  • These awards are a testament to the commendable contributions made by corporate entities, Sports Control Boards, NGOs, and sports bodies at the State and National levels towards the promotion and development of sports in India.
  • Recognizing the commendable efforts of Jain Deemed to be University in identifying and nurturing young talent, this award highlights the institution’s commitment to the growth and development of budding athletes.
  • Odisha Mining Corporate Limited has been acknowledged for its outstanding contribution to sports through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), emphasizing the role of corporate entities in supporting and promoting sports at the grassroots level.

Sports News

16.ICC Rule Changes in Cricket: Stumping Replays Limited; Concussion Substitute and BCCI’s Decision

Daily Current Affairs 08 January 2024, Important News Headlines (Daily GK Update) |_180.1

  • In a significant alteration to cricket playing conditions, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has restricted the Decision Review System (DRS) for stumping incidents.
  • Effective from December 12, 2023, teams can now only challenge caught-behind decisions with a separate DRS option, preventing misuse observed in the 2020 series against India.
  • The amended rule mandates umpires to rely solely on side-on camera images for stumping reviews, eliminating the examination of potential snicks. This ensures a focused review for stumped incidents without allowing teams a free review for other modes of dismissal.

Books & Authors News

17.Indian Army Chief Gen MM Naravane’s Book “Four Stars of Destiny”

Daily Current Affairs 08 January 2024, Important News Headlines (Daily GK Update) |_190.1

  • General Manoj Mukund Naravane, the former Chief of Army Staff (CoAS) of the Indian Army, has penned his autobiography titled “Four Stars of Destiny: An Autobiography.”
  • Scheduled to be published in January 2024 by Penguin Veer, an imprint of Penguin Random House India, the book delves into the diverse experiences that have shaped Gen MM Naravane’s character, spanning from his childhood to his illustrious years in the armed services.
  • Gen MM Naravane served as the 28th Chief of Army Staff, leading the Indian Army with distinction from December 2019 to April 2022. His tenure at the helm was marked by strategic decisions and a commitment to the nation’s defense.

Science & Technology News

18.Swedish Scientists Create ‘e-soil’ That Accelerates Plant Growth

Daily Current Affairs 08 January 2024, Important News Headlines (Daily GK Update) |_200.1

  • Scientists from laboratories of Linkoping University in Sweden have unveiled an electrically conductive “soil” engineered to foster exceptional growth in crops, particularly barley seedlings, marking a potential 50 per cent surge in growth within a mere 15-day period.
  • This innovative soilless cultivation method, termed hydroponics, harnesses a sophisticated root system activated through a novel cultivation substrate. With hydroponics, the prospect of cultivating food in urban landscapes under meticulously controlled conditions becomes a tangible reality.
  • Published in the esteemed journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, their groundbreaking research highlights the remarkable acceleration in barley seedling growth by up to 50 per cent within a fortnight when their roots were electrically stimulated.


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