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English Quizzes, for IBPS PO Mains 2022 – 16th January

Directions (1-5): In each of the following questions given below there are two blanks, each blank indicates that something has been omitted. Choose the set of words for each blank which best fits to the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

Q1. The Reserve Bank of India’s Monetary Policy Committee has since inception ____________ its unwavering focus on its primary remit: the preservation of price _______________.

(a) contended, suitability

(b) conserved, equanimity
(c) prevented, placidity

(d) retained, stability
(e) regarded, invariability

Q2. The 2017 Nobel Prize for physics has been ____________ to the LIGO-VIRGO collaboration for their _____________ of gravitational waves arising from the merger of two black holes.

(a) allowed, recollection
(b) admitted, appreciation
(c) awarded, detection
(d) relinquished, identification
(e) acceded, discovery

Q3. Just as astronomy ____________ a way of mapping the visible objects in the universe, gravitational wave astronomy is now a science of the near future ____________ black holes, neutron stars and more such objects may be mapped.

(a) impart, telling
(b) contribute, focussing
(c) deliver, through
(d) authorize, which
(e) offers, whereby

Q4. Spelling out the rationale for the _________, the MPC felt that with global crude oil prices having “firmed up further” amid a pick-up in demand and tighter supplies in the wake of OPEC’s production cuts, the ________ of upward pressure on accelerating inflation has increased appreciably.

(a) conclusion, warning
(b) decision, threat
(c) conviction, foreboding
(d) resolution, challenge
(e) dedication, exigency

Q5. The RBI’s September ________ of household inflation expectations too has shown in qualitative ___________ a marked uptick in the proportion of respondents expecting the general price level to increase by more than the current rate.

(a) survey, responses
(b) assessment, power
(c) negligence, result
(d) valuation, elucidation
(e) appraisement, appreciation

Directions (6-10): Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical or idiomatic error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is ‘No error’, the answer is (e). (Ignore errors of punctuation, if any.)

Q6. There is no definite rule (a)/ regarding the length of the (b)/ précis with relation to that (c)/ of the original passage (d)/ No error. (e)

Q7. Having acquired some experience, (a)/ she is no longer (b)/ one of the those who believes (c)/ every explanation. (d)/ No error. (e)

Q8. On discovering that (a)/ it was a forgery (b)/ he torn up the agreement (c)/ he had signed. (d)/ No error. (e)

Q9. The chairman has refused (a)/ not to sanction (b)/ the required funds (c)/ for the project. (d)/ No error. (e)

Q10. He become (a)/ an M.P. (b)/ in the recent election (c)/ from a backward constituency. (d)/ No error. (e)


S1. Ans. (d)

Sol. ‘retained, stability’ is the correct set of words that makes the sentence meaningful.

Contended means assert something as a position in an argument.

Placidity means peaceful or calm.

Equanimity means calmness and composure, especially in a difficult situation.

S2. Ans. (c)

Sol. ‘awarded, detection’ is the correct set of words that makes the sentence meaningful.

Acceded means agree to a demand, request, or treaty.

Relinquish means voluntarily cease to keep or claim, give up.

S3. Ans. (e)

Sol. ‘offers, whereby’ is the correct set of words that makes the sentence meaningful.

S4. Ans. (b)

Sol. ‘decision, threat’ is the correct set of words that makes the sentence meaningful.

Foreboding means a feeling that something bad will happen.

Exigency means an urgent need or demand.

S5. Ans. (a)

Sol. ‘survey, responses’ is the correct set of words that makes the sentence meaningful.

Elucidation means explanation that makes something clear, clarification.

Appraisement means an estimate of value, as for sale, assessment, or taxation.

S6. Ans. (e)

Sol. The sentence is grammatically correct.

S7. Ans. (c)

Sol. Use ‘believe’ in place of ‘believes’ as the pronoun ‘those’ used in the part (c) of the sentence is plural, for which plural verb is required.

S8. Ans. (c)

Sol. Use ‘tore’ in place of ‘torn’ as simple past tense is used for the incident occurred in past. Moreover, the past form of ‘tear’ is ‘tore’ and its past participle form is ‘torn’.

S9. Ans. (b)

Sol. ‘not’ will not be used here because after ‘refuse, deny, prohibit, prevent, forbid’, ‘no’ or ‘not’ is not used.

Ex. (i) He refused to help me.

(ii) She forbade me to go there.

S10. Ans. (a)

Sol. Use ‘became’ in place of ‘become’ because ‘recent election’ used in part (c) of the sentence indicates that the incident is of the past, for which simple past tense is used.

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