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English Quizzes For SBI PO/Clerk Mains 2023- 11th January

Directions (1-5): Each of the following questions has a paragraph from which one sentence has been deleted. From the given options, choose the one that completes the paragraph in the most appropriate way.

Q1. Most professionals start working part-time to create solutions in their lives. They have young children, want to get MBAs, need to care for aging parents. All too often, though, part-time work creates as many problems as it solves. In the best-case scenario______________________________________________. In the worst case, they see their importance to their organizations slowly but surely fade away. Now, though, after two generations have wrestled with such arrangements, some part-time professionals have found strategies that are succeeding.
(a) This demands freedom, flexibility and contextual decision-making by the teacher, keeping in mind every individual child.
(b)But exactly what do we mean by child-centrism in India?
(c)One is the starting point, the other the end.
(d) many part-timers end up working more hours than they intended
(e) None of these

Q2. While hundreds of leaders at all levels go through the program every year, you don’t need a workshop to identify worthwhile experiments. The process is pretty straightforward, though not simple. Giving below is an overview of the process and take you through the basics of designing and implementing experiments to produce four-way wins.
To pursue a four-way win means to produce a change intended to fulfill multiple goals that benefit each and every domain of your life. In the domain of work, typical goals for an experiment can be captured under these broad headings: taking advantage of new opportunities for increasing productivity, reducing hidden costs, and improving the work environment. ______________________________________________________ and contributing more to society. For the self, it’s usually about improving health and finding greater meaning in life.
(a) Goals for home and community tend to revolve around improving relationships
(b) Establishing routines to protect their time at work and rituals to protect their time at home
(c) Certainly, there was some good news.
(d) Part-timers use these strategies to generate a protective environment.
(e)These reforms have not really taken place yet, according to the Economic Survey.

In India’s rural villages, social norms dictate that women are to remain in the home, not out and about—and definitely not working. If a woman is seen working outside the home, her neighbours might think she’s a bad mother. They might also think that her husband is a poor provider.
Social norms are powerful. Despite numerous advances in the Indian economy, reduced birth rates, higher levels of female education, and other promising signals _______________________________. Yet nearly one-third of Indian housewives express the desire to work.
How do governments go about changing perceptions of women in the workforce when it’s in their economic interest to do so? A recent working paper by Harvard Business School assistant professor Natalia Rigol and four other economists offers a new way of thinking about this puzzle.

(a) Through their accomplishments and dedication to their jobs, women at NASA embody the essence of Women’s History Month.
(b) the number of women in the workforce dropped from 37 percent in 1990 to 28 percent in 2015.
(c) like the ‘DECISIONS FOR LIFE’ project aims to raise awareness amongst young female workers about their employment opportunities and career possibilities
(d)Science wise, there is baffling nonsense in this statement
(e)The nation is supposedly trying to do away with these social ills

Q4. Training machine-learning models to improve based on experience often requires large amounts of high-quality data, so it’s extremely important to lay out your data strategy from day one—including how things like data sourcing, volume, diversity, privacy and security will be handled. __________________________________________________ crawling public data, finding data-rich partners, gathering it from customers, or generating it internally. Each has its own pros and cons and their application may be best suitable at different stages. Data strategy is a strategic business decision that entrepreneurs need to define from the start.
(a) As the saying goes, “perfect” is often the enemy of the “good.”
(b) Yet social norms are a significant factor when it comes to the success or failure of government programs.
(c) Migration has long been considered one of the key mechanisms through which labor markets adjust to economic shocks.
(d) Marketing for a Web startup starts a very personal level.
(e) Data can be acquired in a number of ways including

Q5. There is a spiritual grain of truth to what you have asked about, even though there is no formula about repeating something a hundred times. The source of everyone’s reality is consciousness. Before you see anything that is real to you — a cloud, a car, your best friend — there must be a way for it to appear. It seems as if the physical world doesn’t need consciousness — things just are. Rocks are rocks, stars are stars._________________. It is the origin of the universe, a field of all possibilities. The strange thing is that when everything is possible, the line between real and fantasy, true and false, physical and mental is much more blurred than we generally accept. That is why someone can say, ‘I followed my dream, and it came true.’
(a)You can tell yourself that you are a prime minister, but the likelihood of it coming true is impossible to fathom.
(b)But consciousness is more than our personal minds.
(c)No one looks good enough in your eyes because our perception is dominated by the past.
(d)Experience teaches that it is a thousand times easier for truth to become real than a lie.
(e)You can see Mt Kailash on a map, but that tells you nothing about what it feels like to go to Mt Kailash.

Directions (6-12): In the following given passage, certain words are highlighted which may or may not be fit in the sentence either grammatically or contextually. Each word is numbered followed by four possible replacements. If none of the given option could replace the highlighted word, mark your answer, (e); “None of the above”.

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has amended the regulatory framework for investment advisers to introduce a cap on the maximum fee such entities can charge to investors while monotony (6) the advisory and distribution activities to minimise conflict of interest issues. The board of the capital markets watchdog, which met in Mumbai, approved the amendment in the SEBI (Investment Advisers) Regulations 2013, which also smothered (7) that a person dealing in distribution of securities cannot use the nomenclature ‘Independent Financial Adviser ‘ or ‘Wealth Adviser’ without registering as an Investment Adviser with the regulator. While the regulator did not specify the upper limit of fees, a consultation paper stuttered (8) by SEBI in January had proposed capping the fees at 2.5% of the assets under advice or a fixed fee of ₹75,000 per year per family. Further, an Individual Investment Adviser will not be able to provide distribution services, stated a sully (9) by the regulator. On a different note, the regulator also said that Karvy Stock Broking, which is under the regulatory scanner for energising (10) client securities to raise funds for itself, will make good the payout shortfall by March. Karvy Group is in the process of selling proxy (11) in a group company and the term sheet has already been signed, said SEBI chairman Ajay Tyagi while addressing the media after the board meeting. The shortfall in payout, after inundating (12) in the available securities and funds of the group, is estimated at about ₹680 crore.

(a) Auspicious
(b) Lightening
(c) Segregating
(d) Uniquely
(e) None of these.

(a) Rejected
(b) Release
(c) Alteration
(d) Stipulated
(e) None of these.

(a) Floated
(b) Malpractice
(c) Coarsen
(d) Lethargic
(e) None of these.

(a) Devolve
(b) Scrutinize
(c) Release
(d) Diffident
(e) None of these.

(a) Restraining
(b) Pledging
(c) Starved
(d) Unchanging
(e) None of these.

(a) Stake
(b) Bluster
(c) Debase
(d) Tenacious
(e) None of these.

(a) Complying
(b) Scaling
(c) Frustrated
(d) Factoring
(e) None of these.


S1. Ans. (d)
Sol. Read the paragraph carefully. It talks about the Professionals behaviour. Now look at the options one by one. Options (a) and (b) do not fit into the blank space as both the statements fail to add meaning to the following sentence as it is talking about the “Child Centrism”. Similarly options (c) can be easily eliminated on the basis of no meanings as they do not align with the meaning of the paragraph. Hence only option (d) fits appropriately. It can be inferred from the previous sentences which is talking about the Part time workers which are subsequently followed by the sentence talking about the part time workers itself working more than the normal hours given to them.

S2. Ans.(a)
Sol. The given paragraph talks about the ‘’. The preceding sentence to the blank space points at the ‘Typical Goals which work in the domain of work based on the experiment.’ Thus the sentence following this statement should be related to the steps taken by them. When we look at the given options, only option (a) expresses some steps taken during that period which can be verified through the following sentence to the blank space ‘Goals for home and community tend to revolve around improving relationships’. This makes our correct option (a) our answer.

S3. Ans. (b)
Sol. Read the paragraph carefully. It talks about certain social ills faced by the Indian women.The use of word ‘Despite’ in the First half sentence of the blank space states that the statement should contradict with it. In the given options, (d) and (e) can be easily eliminated if one goes by their meanings which do not suit to the paragraph. Options (a) and (c) look obvious to fit correctly as it is talking about the women’s contribution but none of the sentences are in closely line with the actual intent of the passage. Hence option (b) is the correct statement which adds meaning to the paragraph appropriately.

S4. Ans. (e)
Sol. The given paragraph summarizes the concept of learning machine-learning models, for that we need a high quality data for the same. The preceding sentence should tally the meaning with it. Among the given options, (a), (b), (c) and (d) do not form the part of this paragraph as none fits into the blank appropriately. They do not add meaning to the paragraph. Hence only option (e) is the correct choice which is talking about the data.

S5. Ans. (b)
Sol. The given paragraph summarizes the concept of consciousness and its relevance in our perception of looking at different things around us. Read the statement after blank space, “It is the origin of the universe…” the preceding sentence should tally the meaning with it. Among the given options, (a), (c), (d) and (e) do not form the part of this paragraph as none fits into the blank appropriately. They do not add meaning to the paragraph. Hence only option (b) is the correct choice.

S6. Ans. (c)
Sol. Option (c) is the right answer choice. Segregating means -set apart from the rest or from each other; isolate or divide.

S7. Ans. (d)
Sol. Option (d) is the right answer choice.

S8. Ans. (a)
Sol. Option (a) is the right answer choice. Apart from that other words like Coarsen means -make or become rough.

S9. Ans. (c)
Sol. Option (c) is the right answer choice.

S10. Ans. (b)
Sol. Option (b) is the right answer choice.

S11. Ans. (a)
Sol. Option (a) is the right answer choice. Other words like Tenacious mean- tending to keep a firm hold of something; clinging or adhering closely.

S12. Ans. (d)
Sol. Option (d) is the right answer choice.

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When is the SBI Clerk and PO Mains Exam 2022-23?

SBI Clerk & PO Mains exam are scheduled to be held on 15th & 30th January 2023.

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