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English Notes, Questions And Answers For All Bank Exams IBPS PO/Clerk, SBI, RBI

It is very important to learn English Language if you are preparing for any competitive exam and this language is used as an official language in most of the nations around the globe and has become a prominent language for communication. Just like any other language, English too has its own semantics and symbols. The symbols are the mere alphabets and it’s the semantics part that you need to master.

Grammar and Vocabulary are the key to master any language and same is the case with English. Unlike mathematics, you need not learn and by heart one formula after another, you don’t have to perform any calculation here, you just need to understand the grammar rules and build your English Vocabulary.

If you are preparing for bank exams like IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, SBI PO, SBI Clerk, RBI Assistant, RBI Grade B, NABARD and other banking and insurance sector exam, you need to prepare English Language effectively as you’ll have to score in this section in both preliminary and main examination. And it’s not just about the online object test, English Language will help you in the Group Discussion and Interview as well. Many officer level examinations also have a descriptive writing test in the Main examination, and there as well you’ll require the knowledge of English Language and an excellent command over grammar and vocabulary in order to score in the descriptive test.

Topics to Cover in English

The topics that you need to prepare to score in English Language section may vary from one exam to other e.g. The syllabus of English section of SSC exams differs from bank exams. If you are preparing for bank and insurance sector examinations, then you must prepare the following topics:

    • Reading Comprehension : This topic tests a student’s ability to comprehend a given passage and answer the questions associated with it as per his understanding. Usually 7-10 questions are associated with a RC and this may also include 2-3 vocabulary or phrase related questions. RC is a must and unavoidable topic as at least 1 RC is there in every exam..
    • Cloze Test : This tests a student’s knowledge of vocabulary along with his reading skills. Here a passage is given with 5 to 6 blanks in between the lines, and student must find the suitable word or phrase for those blanks.
    • Fill in the Blanks : This is again a test of vocabulary and there are different types of fill in the blanks that you must practice for bank exam.
    • Word Usage : Here students must identify appropriate or inappropriate word. Knowledge of vocabulary is tested in these questions.
    • Error Detection : This is a test of the knowledge and understanding of grammar rules. Spelling errors can also be asked to check vocabulary.
    • Sentence Rearrangement or Paragraph Rearrangement: These types of questions tests both a student’s reading skills as well as the knowledge of English Grammar.
    • Idioms and Phrases:: Questions related to idioms and phrases can be encountered in the form of fill in the blanks or identifying the meaning or phrase replacement.
    • Sentence Improvement: This is a test of English Grammar, where a student is expected to identify an improved version of a given sentence.

Apart from these conventional topics there are some other miscellaneous topics of English Language section like column based questions -sentence rearrangement, phrase-meaning; paragraph based questions, spelling errors, starters, coherent paragraphs, word swap.

How to improve English Vocabulary??
To improve your vocabulary, learn new words and their meanings daily. You should also learn its antonyms and synonyms and try to use that word in sentences throughout the day to retain its meaning. Developing reading habits is also a good way to improve vocabulary. You can study from bankersadda’s Daily Word List
What are the basic topics to learn in English Grammar?
Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs, Prepositions, Conjunctions and Interjections (these are the 8 parts of speech). Along with the 8 parts of speech students should also learn Subject Verb Agreement rules, Modals, Conditionals, Question Formation, Punctuation, Determiners, Active Passive and Articles.
Best Book to Learn English Language for Competitive Exams?
To learn rules and practice questions of English Language for Bank and Insurance exams you can get the Ace English Language Book for Bank and Insurance Exams by Adda247 Publications. This book is divided into chapters with each chapter explaining the concepts and questions based on same from the basic level to the advanced level. Chapter-wise exercise with Previous Year questions and a special add-on of Vocabulary are also included for efficient learning. The ACE ENGLISH book is replete with 1500+ questions with 100% solutions which shall help the candidate to crack competitive exam with ease.
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