Error Detection : Quiz

1. Due to me being a newcomer (a) / I was unable to get a house (b) / suitable for my wife and me (c) / No error (d) 

2. He could not plan his strategy (a) / until he knew (b) / whom his opponents could be. (c) / No error (d) 

3. The audience (a) / are requested (b) / to be in its seats (c) / No error (d) 

4. The scientist must follow (a) / his hunches and his data (b) / wherever it may lead (c) / No error (d) 

5.  He is the general (a) whom the reporters agree (b) / was most popular with the troops (c) / No error (d) 

6. The interview panel asked the candidate (a) / to what city (b) / he came from. (c) / No error (d) 

7.The house owner did not know (a) / who of the servants (b) / broke the glass. (c) / No error (d) 

8. The ruling party stood (a) / for implementation of the Bill (b) / and was ready to stake their political existence. (c) / No error (d) 

9. There is no question (a) / of my failing (b) / in the examination (c) / No error (d) 

10.This is not the (a) / sense which (b) / concerns us here. (c) / No error (d) 

11. One should make (a) / his best efforts (b) / if one wishes to achieve (c) / success in this firm . (d) / no error (e) 

12. May I (a) / know who you want (b) / to see please. (c) / No error (d) 

13. Our is the only (a) / country in the world (b) / than can boast of (c) / unity in diversity. (d) / No error (e) 

14. Those sort of people (a) / usually do not (b) / earn fame in society. (c) / No error (d) 

15. Concurrent with this programme, (a) / educational institutions may be urged (b) / to inculcate patriotism (c) / in each and every one of its pupils. (d) / No error (e) 


1.(a). Replace ‘me’ by ‘my’

2. (c). Replace ‘whom’ by ‘who’

3. (c). Replace ‘its’ by ‘their’

4. (c). Replaces ‘it’ by ‘they’

5.(b). Replace ‘whom’ by ‘who’

6.(b). Replace ‘to what’ by ‘which’

7.(b). Replace ‘who’ by ‘which’

8.(c). Replace ‘their’ by ‘its’ ‘furniture’.

9.(b). Replace ‘my’ be ‘me’

10.( b). Replace ‘which’ by ‘that’.

11.(b). Replace ‘his’ by ‘one’s’

12.(b). Replace ‘who’ by ‘whom’

13.(b). Replace ‘our’ by ‘ours’

14. (a). Replace ‘Those’ by ‘That’

15. (d). Replace ‘its’ by ‘their’

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