FCI Agriculture Quiz 5

FCI Recruitment 2021: Good News for all the aspirants, Bankers Adda team is coming up with Exclusive Questions of Agriculture for FCI AGM 2021 on the Adda247 app also, so download the Adda247 App now to attempt these quizzes. We have started this series on 18th March 2021. So, do attempt it daily from today and crack the FCI AGM 2021 Exam.


Q1. Which one is not correctly matched?

A. Ginger – Rhizome

B. Garlic – Bulb

C. Potato – Tuber

D. Sweet Potato- Stolen

E. All are correct

Explanation:- Sweet potatoes are propagated from cuttings.


Q2.  The yellow color of onion is due to the pigment

A. Anthocyanin

B. Quercetin

C. Lycopene

D. Carotene

E. None of these

Explanation:- The colour of the onion is due to the presence of anthocyanins.


Q3. Which of the following is the richest source of Iron?

A. Parsley

B. Spinach

C. Celery

D. Green peas

E.. None of these

Explanation:- spinach is rich in Iron.


Q4. Aflatoxins are produced by

A. Infected plants

B. Infected bacteria

C. Fungi

D. Nematodes

E. None of these

Explanation:- Aflatoxins are a family of toxins produced by certain fungi that are found on agricultural crops such as maize (corn).


Q5. First man-made cereal is

A. Triticale

B. Raphanobrasica

C. Pomato

D. All of the above

E. None of these

Explanation:- Triticale is the first man-made cereal.


Q6. Milk fever is caused by

A. Hypoglycemia

B. Hypo-calcimia

C. Hypo-Mangesemia

D. Bacterial infection

E. None of these

Explanation:- Milk fever can be caused by the large need for calcium for the production of colostrum.


Q7. Central Institute of Fisheries Technology is located at

A. Barrackpore, WB

B. Cochin, Kerala

C. Bhubneshwar, Odisha

D. Chennai, TN

E. None of these

Explanation:- The Central Institute of Fisheries Technology (CIFT)  is located at Cochin, Kerala.


Q8. Which part of the rice plant is active in transpiration?

A. Root

B. Leaf

C. Culms

D. Panicle

E. None of these

Explanation:- Rice plant transpiration by leaf.


Q9. The percent content of sulfur in single superphosphate is

A. 10

B. 11

C. 13

D. 12

E. None of these

Explanation:- SSP – A multi nutrient fertilizer containing phosphorus (14.5 %), Sulphur (11%) and Calcium (21 %).


Q10. Application of gypsum is required more for

A. Paddy

B. Berseem

C. Wheat

D. Groundnut

E. All of the above

Explanation:- Apply gypsum @ 400 kg/ha by the side of the plants on 40th to 70th day depending upon soil moisture.



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