GA Capsule Discussion for IDBI Assistant Manager Exam 2019

GA Discussion for IDBI 2019

Everyone was waiting eagerly for the IDBI GA Capsule, which was finally published yesterday. We appreciate the great patience you all showed. Now the only thing left is to learn and grasp all the data provided so that you can be exam ready. IDBI assistance manager 2019 is on 17th of this month and only has a single examination followed by the interview.  GA surely does give everyone cold feet and we would like to help you with that as well. So, let’s revise and learn all together. Adda247 will be conducting GA discussion from today that is 9th May from 3 PM onwards.

Let’s Ace the GA Race

This whole program will be conducted in the duration of 6 days, with preallotted pages. And on 16th May we will have the complete capsule Quiz. Let’s make best out of it.

Date Pages
9th May Download Quiz PDF
10th May Download Quiz PDF
11th May Download Quiz PDF
13th May Download Quiz PDF
14th May Download Quiz PDF
15th May Complete Capsule

Hope you guys will appreciate the efforts and participate in the Quiz.

Watch this Space @3 PM