General Awareness Quiz for ECGC PO & Bank Mains Exams 2021- 1st February

Q1. Which of following is not an example of plastic money?
(a)Demand drafts
(b)Debit card
(c)Credit card
(d)Green cards
(e)All of these

Q2. Which of the following is not the property of debit card?
(a)Control over the expenditure is possible
(b)Spending Bank’s funds
(c)Debit card is connected to bank account
(d)It doesn’t come under revolving credit
(e)None of these

Q3. The size of ATM cards is?
(a)3.370 x 2.125 inches
(b)3.31 x 2.124 inches
(c)3.32x 2.021 inches
(d)3.49 x 2.164 inches
(e)3.11 x 2.431 inches

Q4. What are various types of cards?
(e)All of the above

Q5. How many types of cards are there in banking?
(a)Debit cards
(b)Credit cards
(c)Prepaid cards
(d)All of the above
(e)Only A and B

Q6. What are the four different types of credit cards?
(a)Travel Rewards Credit Cards
(b)Cash Rewards Credit Cards
(c)Business Credit Cards.
(d)Balance Transfer Credit Cards.
(e)All of these

Q7. What is platinum card?
(a)Debit cards
(b)Credit card
(c)Prepaid cards
(d)Smart card
(e)Both B and C

Q8. Which card is known as ‘Check Card’?
(a)Credit Card
(b)Debit Card
(c)Both of The Above
(d)Only B
(e)None of The Above

Q9. “UnionPay” debit card is concerned with which among the following country:

Q10. PIN stands for:
(a)Permanent Identic Number
(b)Portable Identification Number
(c)Permanent Identification Number
(d)Personal Identification Number
(e)None of The Above

Q11. Prepaid Debit cards are also called?
(a)Reloadable Debit Cards
(b)Relational Debit Cards
(c)Loadable Debit Cards
(d)Both A and B
(e)None of The Above

Q12. “RuPay” debit card is similar to:
(a)Singapore’s NETS
(b)China’s UnionPay
(c)Both A and B
(d)Only A
(e)None of these

Q13. POS stands for:
(a)Point of Sale
(b)Point of Service
(c)Point of Satisfaction
(d)Only A
(e)All of the above

Q14. How many types of ATM are there?

Q15. How many types of ATM cards are there?
(a)Visa debit cards
(b)MasterCard debit cards
(c)RuPay debit cards
(d)Maestro Debit Card
(e)All of these


Sol. Demand drafts is not an example of plastic money.

Sol. Spending Bank’s funds is not the property of Debit card because its Spending Bank’s funds is the property of credit card.

Sol. The size of ATM cards is 85.60 mm × 53.98 mm (3.370 in × 2.125 in).

Sol. Here are four types of cards (a) debit, (b) credit, (c) prepaid, and (d) electronic.

Sol. There are three types of cards: Debit cards, Credit cards and Prepaid cards.

Sol. There are several types of credit card that is
1.Travel Rewards Credit Cards
2.Cash Rewards Credit Cards
3.Balance Transfer Credit Cards
4.Business Credit Cards
5.Student Credit Cards
6.Secured Credit Cards

Sol. A Platinum card is a credit card which, as its name suggests, is a card with more prestige and benefits than a gold or regular credit card.

Sol. A check card, more frequently referred to as a debit card, looks very much like a credit card but is linked to your checking account.

Sol. UnionPay” debit card is concerned with China.

Sol. PIN stands for: Personal Identification Number.

Sol. Prepaid Debit cards are also called Reloadable Debit Cards.

Sol.”RuPay” debit card is similar to: Singapore’s NETS, China’s UnionPay both.

Sol. POS stands for: Point of Sale.

Sol. There are two primary types of ATMs. Basic units only allow customers to withdraw cash and receive updated account balances.

Sol. Here are 5 commonly used types of debit cards in India:
1.Visa debit cards
2.MasterCard debit cards. …
3.RuPay debit cards. …
4.Contactless debit cards. …
5.Maestro Debit Card.

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