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General Awareness Quiz Series 2023: 15th March

General Awareness Quiz Series 2023: 15th March: Hello Students, General Awareness is essential to all government exams. It’s better to prepare this section daily and revise the same using the factsheet provided. The Bankersadda team has brought you up a new series in which we will come up with 10 questions and answers, other options of the question have related news to them. So don’t miss reading the solutions.

Q1. Who was the founder of CPWD?
(a) James Andrew Broun-Ramsay
(b) Charles John Canning
(c) Lord William Bentinck
(d) Warren Hastings
(e) Richard Colley Wesley

Q2. In which year did the Nanakshahi Sammat 555 calendar introduce?
(a) 2002
(b) 2003
(c) 2004
(d) 2005
(e) 2006

Q3. Who is the current Cabinet Secretary of India?
(a) Shri. B. K. Chaturvedi
(b) Shri. K. M. Chandrasekhar
(c) Shri. Rajiv Gauba
(d) Shri. Ajit Kumar Seth
(e) Shri. Pradeep Kumar Sinha

Q4. Who’s the MD of the National Housing Bank?
(a) Shri Gaya Prasad
(b) Shri Sameer Shukla
(c) Shri Kuldip Narayan
(d) Shri Sarada Kumar Hota
(e) Shri Yamal Vyas

Q5. When is World Consumer Rights Day celebrated?
(a) 11 March
(b) 12 March
(c) 13 March
(d) 14 March
(e) 15 March

Q6. What’s the name of the Gunnery school of the Indian Navy?
(a) INS Dronacharya
(b) INS Bhism
(c) INS Vikramaditya
(d) INS Arjuna
(e) INS Krishna

Q7. Who’s the chairman of DRDO?
(a) Dr (Ms) Tessy Thomas
(b) Dr. Samir V Kamat
(c) Dr. BHVS Narayana Murthy
(d) Shri M Z Siddique
(e) Dr. Upendra Kumar Singh

Q8. Military exercise ‘BOLD KURUKSHETRA’ was held in?
(a) Jaipur
(b) Bikaner
(c) Jodhpur
(d) Jaisalmer
(e) Bharatpur

Q9. Who’s the Drugs Controller General of India?
(a) Dr. P.B.N. Prasad
(b) Dr. S.Eswara Reddy
(c) Dr.V.G Somani
(d) Dr. Rajeev Singh Raghuvanshi
(e) Mr. A. K. Pradhan

Q10. Where is Silicon Valley Bank Headquartered?
(a) Washington D.C.
(b) Florida
(c) Texas
(d) Georgia
(e) California


S1. Ans.(A)
Sol. The Central Public Works Department is the Indian government authority in charge of public sector works. It was founded on July 1854 by James Broun-Ramsay, 1st Marquess of Dalhousie.

S2. Ans.(B)
Sol. Nanakshahi Sammat 555 is a calendar system that was introduced by the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC) in 2003 to mark the 500th anniversary of the birth of Guru Nanak Dev, the founder of Sikhism.

S3. Ans.(C)
Sol. Shri. Rajiv Gauba is the current Cabinet Secretary of India.

S4. Ans.(D)
Sol. Shri Sarada Kumar Hota is the MD of the National Housing Bank.

S5. Ans.(E)
Sol. World Consumer Rights Day is celebrated on Mar 15, 2023.

S6. Ans.(A)
Sol. INS Dronacharya is the gunnery school of the Indian Navy. It is located in Kochi, Kerala. It is responsible for training 820 officers and 2100 ratings per year in small arms, naval missiles, artillery, radar, and defensive countermeasures.

S7. Ans.(B)
Sol. Dr Samir V Kamat is the chairman of DRDO.

S8. Ans.(C)
Sol. The Singapore Army and Indian Army participated in the 13th edition of Exercise Bold Kurukshetra, a bilateral armor exercise from 06-13 March 2023 at Jodhpur Military Station, India.

S9. Ans.(D)
Sol. Dr. Rajeev Singh Raghuvanshi is the Drugs Controller General of India.

S10. Ans.(E)
Sol. Silicon Valley Bank was a state-chartered commercial bank headquartered in Santa Clara, California that failed on March 10, 2023, with holdings now managed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. SVB was the 16th-largest bank in the United States and was the largest bank by deposits in Silicon Valley.

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How to use this General Awareness Quiz?

When you try to solve the questions in GA, all the options in questions have some current news. Try to recall it. This quiz is for revision purpose.

What is called general awareness?

Definition: General awareness means knowledge about the present happenings. General awareness only focuses on the routine happenings of the news around the world it has nothing to do with the historic events. Current affairs is the term which is used in place general awareness for many competitive exams.

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