“मन के हारे हार है, मन के जीते जीत”, says Tarun | ESIC UDC

Hello BAians, 

My name is AscetiCreature aka Tarun Sisodia and I used to belong to lower Middle-Class family. I have completed my graduation in Maths(H). I’ve been average student in graduation. I’m veteran on Bankersadda and silent reader most of the time after my first selection. Recently(26-05-2019), one of my comments got the attention by another BAian madam Aparna(MissFunnyBones). And she encouraged me to write my journey/strategy/suggestions to help/motivate others. So many readers might correlate it with their life in initial stages. So let’s rewind the history through my eyes/observation. It might become huge, but it will give a clear vision to some people. So let’s start:

Banking sector used to be better than government jobs prior to 2014 due to salary, promotions and other perks. I’m 2013 passout. So I too got mesmerized for the banking sector and started preparing for banking and other insurance exams in later 2013. In 2014, I couldn’t clear PO, AO exam due to some marks. I couldn’t reach at Clerk exam center due to Delhi jam. But still I was optimistic as I was getting stronger day by day and cleared some mains exam (not interview/less marks in interview). Thanks to bankersadda and its team for GA portion at that point of time, otherwise my score used to be in the range of 2-5. My father was about to retire from govt service (Mechanic in DTC) in January 2015 and some other big family tensions appeared as well. At that point of time, my father called me and said,
Father: Baitho, tumse baat karni h (Sit, I’ve to talk to you)
ME: Haan (Yes)
Father: Jaisa tum dekh rahe ho ki m retire hone wala hu aur ab tumhari sister k sath ye problem. To tumhe koi b factory may job kar leni chahiye, jaise caretaker type. Mere jaanane wale ki factory may jagah b h. (As you can see that I’m going to retire soon and now this problem with your sister. So you should do any job in a factory like caretaker. There is a place vacant in the factory of my known person).
ME: (Shocked and somewhat terrified on the situation): thik h, par sirf ye saal aur taiyari kar lene do (Alright, but let me prepare this year only)

2015: So in 2015, I was fully determined. So I made different strategies for each and every situation for Math, Reasoning and English (at that point of time, there was no sectional timing), got insomnia due to many tea and coffee in the night. I cleared LIC ADO in August 2015. I still remember the moment. When I told it to my parents and sister, their eyes were wet. And then mine too. My throat got choked and I couldn’t speak further. I moved forward to touch my parents’ feet but my father grabbed me in their arms around his chest. Sister and mother cheered up in joy. At that point of time I decided that this is gonna be just a beginning. After few months cleared Laxmi Vilas Bank vacancy too, but didn’t join.
I joined LIC ADO (sales oriented job) on November 1, 2015 about 6 months, and was optimistic for PO, OS1 and clerk. On April 1, 2016 I cleared clerk (Pre-78, mains-approx 145). And again some point marks were less to clear officer scale. I quit LIC job and joined clerk in Delhi on 18 May 2016.
2016: I cleared SBI PO prelims and mains, IBPS PO prelims and mains, RBI assistant pre, ESIC UDC, Railway Prelims (Allahabad zone) and okay-okay score in SSC CGL too. So I was overwhelmed with the achievements. Now comes the 2017.
2017: I couldn’t clear IBPS PO 2016 (on 1st april 2017; but still in reserve list) and SSC CGL as I was involved in the different exams. So now I filled the form of PGDBF PO (I used to hate it and I still hate it due to its terms and conditions) too and cleared it. But I didn’t join. I again cleared IBPS PO prelims (didn’t appear further), cleared SBI PO prelims and mains (didn’t appear for interview), cleared RBI assistant pre (didn’t appear for mains) as I was called for ESIC UDC in Delhi. I joined ESIC in December 2017 despite low salary and perks than bank PO because after the enquiry I found that in ESIC, there is peaceful life and I could take care of my parents easily.
2018: Rest mode on. Parents are happy. Started preparing for few selective state/central govt exams (with Delhi posting only) peacefully. Cleared IBPS reserve list too on April 1, 2018, but this might take me out of my home state, so didn’t join.
Suggestion: One lesson is here too. If age or family concern is there, then get any job first. You can always move ahead after securing a fallback option. Competition is high, so if there is no age or family problem, then directly try for your dream job.

Strategy: Though every person is unique and his abilities are different, so no strategy can be copied completely for another person. But one thing is common SMART WORK + HARD WORK always pays off. So, go through at least 500 Questions of each topic which appear in bunch like Series, Quadratic, Inequality, Passage, Seating arrangement, Puzzle etc. This will give you higher understanding of any topic. Find simplest method on YouTube/BA/Other-sites for any topic that you find problematic. Now I will tell you my specific strategy for banking which might help you
Quantitative Aptitude & Others (Prelims): Always complete easy Qs first. For faster calculation (mostly orally), I used Math Tricks app and it gave me significant speed and accuracy in exam.
Quantitative Aptitude Mains(Clerk): As per my observation, 95% of the time, hard questions in miscellaneous are repeated and these have some shortcut to solve within seconds. So, make a notebook, and write down questions type and best-found shortcut.
Quantitative Aptitude & Others Mains(PO): You don’t have to solve every question or the question which appears before you first. First go through all the questions speedily and find which can be solved with minimum time. (Higher understanding of Question is required now a days)
My Golden Rules: “बंदा तब तक नहीं हारता, जब तक वो अन्दर से ना हार जाये” . So guys, always keep yourself motivated.
Now I want to say thanks to everyone who was part of my journey- Bankersadda, many BAians help and success stories, God, Parents and Well-wishers. It became possible because of all of them. 
If you want to know anything else, then I’ll try to reply everyone in the comments.

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