HINDU Newspaper Vocabulary for RBI ASSISTANT MAINS Exams 2017

Trending-Vocabulary-for-SSC-and-Bank-Exam- Word-list-for-Bank-Exams
Meaning: think deeply about something
Synonym: think about, contemplate, consider
Antonym: ignore, neglect, discard, disregard
Sentence: “we sat ruminating on the nature of existence”

Meaning: violation or misuse of what is regarded as sacred.
Synonym: desecration, profanity,
Antonym: piety, respectfulness
Sentence: “putting ecclesiastical vestments to secular use was considered sacrilege”

Meaning: apt in the circumstances or in relation to something.
Synonym: appropriate, suitable, fitting, apt, befitting;
Antonym: inappropriate
Sentence:” an apposite quotation”

Meaning: the process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions.
Synonym: purging, purgation, purification, cleansing,
Sentence: “music is a means of catharsis for them”

Meaning: having or showing excessive or offensive sexual desire.
Synonym: lustful, licentious, lascivious,
Antonym: chaste, pure
Sentence: “she ignored his lecherous gaze”

Meaning: the language or dialect spoken by the ordinary people of a country or region.
Synonym: everyday language, spoken language, colloquial speech, slang
Sentence: “he wrote in the vernacular to reach a larger audience”

Meaning: a person or thing that is the centre of attention or admiration.
Synonym: central, core, center, epicenter, eye, focus
Sentence: “Kirk was the cynosure of all eyes

Meaning: a person who commits a crime or some other wrong.
Synonym: criminal, culprit, wrongdoer, offender, villain, lawbreaker, felon, 
Sentence: Dean tried hard to exclude Jennifer Radisson from consideration as a malefactor, although he reluctantly admitted his sole reason to pass on her as a suspect was his belief in her story.

Meaning: especially of a comment or style of speaking) sharp and forthright., tasting sour or bitter.
Synonym: sharp, sarcastic, sardonic
Antonym: mild, kind
Sentence: “his acerbic wit”

Meaning: slightly indecent and liable to shock, especially by being sexually suggestive.
Synonym: bawdy, indecent, ribald, rude,
Sentence: “his risqué humour”

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