Hiroshima Day 2019 : Why US dropped bomb on hiroshima?

Hiroshima Day 2019 in a Nutshell

Hiroshima Day is observed annually on 6 August. On 6th August 1945, United States of America dropped an atomic group on the city of Hiroshima in Japan. This was one of the worst moments in the history of mankind. The nuclear explosion of the bomb wiped around 90% of the city. Around 80,000 people were killed on the spot and nearly 40,000 people were injured. The nuclear bomb that was dropped by US in Hiroshima city of Japan was named as “Little Boy”The “Little Boy” bomb was dropped by an American B-29 bomber. Moreover, people suffered from radiation sickness & other psychological problems. After three days another atomic bomb was dropped in Nagasaki, Japan which made the condition worst. Let us now look at the reason United States behind dropping bomb on two cities of Japan.

Why U.S. dropped bomb on Hiroshima & Nagasaki?

During the second world war (1939-1945), Japan was against the US and its allies including USSR & Britain. The allies were dominating Japan. Japan had been at war for many years. There were troops of Japan all over the world and were ruthless.The Japanese soldiers were so cruel that the soldiers of US & Britain who had surrendered were tortured. The erstwhile president of US Harry S Truman wanted to surrender Japanese soldiers to minimise causalities. So, the president ordered for nuclear war with a hope that Japanese would surrender. 
US avoided the invasion of Japan via land as it would lead to more damage in terms of resources & man power. According to some historians US also wanted to avoid Japan being occupied by USSR. 
So, this is all about the Little boy nuclear bomb that was dropped on 6 August at Hiroshima, Japan and destroyed almost all the city.