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Smart Tips On How To Solve Combination Fillers For IBPS PO

Smart Tips On How To Solve Combination Fillers For IBPS PO |_20.1

From the IBPS PO examination point of view, it is important to practice each and every section with full dedication. Although the English language is considered as a dreaded subject among students due to the number of rules and increasing level in the English Section. It is important to practice the topics on a daily basis according to the IBPS PO study plan. students can also practice the variety of questions from the daily English quiz provided on bankersadda.

A new initiative has been taken to improve you on your weak points, in the form of study notes. Today the topic of the discussion is how to solve combination fillers for IBPS PO. You can also check the study notes of English for IBPS PO on various topics.

What is Combination Fillers? 

In the English language, the first method to excel is to have a strong grasp over vocabulary. Second, you need to be well-versed with the Grammar rules and parts of speech as well. Apart from that, you must possess excellent reading skills. This will help you to read in real-time and getting the gist of the sentence or paragraph. Though there are many kinds of fillers asked in banking examinations, yet here we are discussing Combination fillers. You can also refer to study notes of English for IBPS PO  As the term defines itself, Combination filler is a pair of words which is used to fill a single blank.  A single blank will be left in a sentence which would be filled by a pair of words given among five options. This pair will be used together forming a contextually and grammatically correct sentence. 

Weightage of Combination Fillers in IBPS PO Exam

The Combination fillers fall under the category of vocabulary. The vocabulary section asked in IBPS PO Prelims covers around 5 to 10 questions out of 30 questions in English language and 5-10 questions in IBPS PO Mains paper. What matters in solving this question type is that you have to be accurate and precise while answering to ensure sure shot success and get your dream government job. However, to achieve excellence in this topic, you need a decent practice and IBPS PO study notes. Still, there are some tips and hints given to solve questions based on fillers. 

Steps to solve Combination Fillers 

Step 1: At first, reading the statement carefully and trying to find the missing word will eventually lead you close to the answer.
Step 2: Among the given pair of words, select the best pair among five options that suitably fits the blank making it contextually and grammatically correct. 
Step 3: After selecting the option, replace the statement with it and read it again to ensure whether your selection is right. 
Step 4: Read the statement for the last time and make sure that the sentence is grammatically correct. Also, check if your selected option is making the statement sensible.
SMART TIPS to solve combination filler questions 

Tip 1: As aforementioned, fillers of all kinds are asked in banking examinations such as
Single fillers, Double fillers, triple fillers, Idioms Fillers and combination fillers etc. For solving these, the aspirant is required to have excellent command on vocabulary. 
Tip 2: In order to figure out the right option in no- time, you should read the statement thoroughly and carefully. For example, once you’ve an idea of the grammatical structure of the given statement, you will be able to determine the grammatical form of the word/words to be filled in the blank. 
Tip 3: Also, the context of the given statement will help to wipe off irrelevant options and thus select the right one. 
Tip 4: Keep an eye on grammar rules. For instance, if before the blank, “an” is mentioned, that means the word to fill that blank would be starting with a vowel. 
Tip 5: Understanding the context of the statement is essential. Besides, try to find out the tone of the missing word as if it is positive or negative.
Tip 6: In combination fillers, method of elimination should be used to check which one of the given options satisfy the blank to the maximum. 
Tip 7: You need to make sure that the meaning of the given statement is not altered with the selected option. Check that your sentence is bringing out a plausible meaning. 
Tip 8: In case you get confused between two options, you can acquire “hit and trial”. In this method, you can place each of the two options in the blank and see which one is giving meaning to the sentence most suitably.
Tip 9: Apart from all the above points,  your time is crucial as every section is given certain number of minutes and you have to achieve the maximum in that time with accuracy and speed. Therefore, it would be best to not spend much time on a single question especially if you are unable to find the right answer. It’s better to leave that question and focus on the other questions. 
Follow these steps and remember the aforementioned points. However, nothing will work out without your complete dedication and hard work. Practice more from English quiz for IBPS exam. Here are a few examples of combination filters to help you understand better the topic:
Directions (1): In each of the questions given below, a sentence is given with one blank. Below each sentence, FOUR words are given out of which two can fit into the sentence. Five options are provided with various combinations of these words. You have to choose the combination with the correct set of words which can coherently fit into the given sentence.
 Q1.  _____________________  politics has stricken the power sector, and its woes have spilled over into banking, a fifth of whose non-performing assets, currently estimated at Rs 10.3 lakh crore, involve some 34 stressed power projects, totaling 39 GW in generation capacity.
(I) Virtuous
(II) Scrupulous
(III) Flawed
(IV) Fallacious
(a) (I) – (II)
(b) (I) – (IV)
(c) (II) – (III)
(d) (III) – (IV)
(e) All of these
S1. Ans. (d)
Sol. The most appropriate combination of words is “Flawed and Fallacious”. The hint can be drawn from the phrase “…stricken the power sector” which means an undesirable condition in the power sector, this can be attained only by defective politics. All the other words are irrelevant in the context of the sentence. Hence, option (d) is the most suitable answer choice.
Virtuous means having or showing high moral standards.
Scrupulous means (of a person or process) is careful, thorough, and extremely attentive to details.
Flawed means having or characterized by a fundamental weakness or imperfection.
Fallacious means based on a mistaken belief.

Preparing for banking exams? Having difficulty in the English section? Check out the video and master the section.