IBPS Clerk Quantitative Aptitude Quiz: 20th November 2019

With the increasing level in exams, quantitative aptitude has become the ineluctable hitch. Generally, questions asked in this section are calculative and lengthy that consumes your time. This subject can do wonders if you always keep a check on your accuracy, speed and time. Accuracy is what matters the most.  Attempt this quantitative aptitude quiz and check your performance for the upcoming IBPS Clerk Prelims Study Plan 2019. Following is the quiz of 20th November, that inculcate the important topics of quantitative aptitude.

Directions (Q.1-3): In each of the following questions, a question is followed by information given in three statements. You have to study the question along with the statements and decide the information given in which of the statement(s) is necessary and sufficient to answer the question.

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Q1. What is the cost of flooring a rectangular hall?
I. The length and the breadth of the hall are in the ratio 3 : 2.
II. The length of the hall is 48 m and the cost of flooring is Rs. 850 per sq m.
III. The perimeter of the hall is 160 m and the cost of flooring is Rs. 850 per sq m.
(a) Only I and II
(b) Only I and III
(c) Only III
(d) Any two of the three
(e) None of these

Q2. What is the speed of the train?
I. Length of the platform is 50% of the length of the train.
II. The train crosses the platform in 24 seconds.
III. The train crosses the signal pole in 16 seconds.
(a) All I, II & III
(b) I and Either II or III
(c) Only II & III
(d) Any two of the three
(e) Question cannot be answered even with the information in all three statements.

Q3. What is the volume of the cylindrical tank?
I. Area of the base is X square metres.
II. Height of the tank is Y metres.
III. Diameter of the base is equal to height of the tank.
(a) Only I & II
(b) Only II & III
(c) Only I & III
(d) All I, II & III
(e) Either I and II or III


Q4. If in school A, 100 girls are failed in the test. Find the total strength of A.
(a) 1100
(b) 1300
(c) 1200
(d) 1400
(e) 1000

Q5. Find the ratio of no. of boys passed from A to that of B.
(a) 4 : 5
(b) 5 : 4
(c) 6 : 5
(d) 5 : 6
(e) 3 : 5


Q7. If the difference between the failed boys to failed girls is 25 in school D. Find the ratio of passed to failed students from D.
(a) 3 : 1
(b) 4 : 1
(c) 2 : 1
(d) 1 : 2
(e) 3 : 2

Q8. Find the average number of passed students from schools A, B and C together.
(a) 1200
(b) 3000
(c) 1250
(d) 1000
(e) 1800

Q10. In an 80 litre mixture of sugar and alcohol, alcohol is 40% and rest is sugar solution. If some amount of mixture is replaced by alcohol, the ratio of alcohol to sugar solution becomes 5: 3. Find the amount of mixture replaced by alcohol.
(a) 30 li.
(b) 40 li.
(c) 50 li.
(d) 15 li.
(e) 20 li.

Q11. The ratio of volumes of two cylinders A and B is 7 : 10. If the ratio between heights of cylinders A and B is 8 : 7 respectively then what is the ratio between curved surface area of cylinders ?
(a) 3 : √5
(b) 5: √2
(c) 2 : √5
(d) 4 : √5
(e) 2 : 2√5

Q12. A train crosses a bridge of length 150 metre in 15 seconds and a man standing on it in 9 seconds. The train is traveling at a uniform speed. Length of the train is:
(a) 225 metres
(b) 200 metres
(c) 135 metres
(d) 90 metres
(e) 140 metres

Q13. Two trains of equal length are running on parallel lines in the same direction at 46 kmph and 36 kmph. The faster train passes the slower train in 36 seconds. The length of each train is:
(a) 82 metre
(b) 50 metre
(c) 80 metre
(d) 72 metre
(e) 90 metre

Directions (Q.14-15): The following questions are accompanied by three statements (A) or (I), (B) or (II), and (C) or (III). You have to determine which statement is/are sufficient/necessary to answer the question.
Q14. Rs. 241 is divided among three persons A, B and C. Find A’s share with the following information.
A. B gets Rs 8 more than C.
B. A gets Rs. 14 more than C.
C. B gets Rs. 6 less than C.
(a) A & C together are sufficient.
(b) B & C together are sufficient.
(c) Either B and C or A and B are sufficient.
(d) All together are necessary.
(e) none of the statements are sufficient.

Q15. In a school what is the total number of students?
A. 78 students play Hockey and their number is 39% of students who play Chess.
B. 40% of the total students play chess.
C. Ratio between Hockey players and total students is 39 : 250.
(a) Any two of them
(b) A and either B or C
(c) Only A
(d) Only B and C together
(e) All statements are required



S2. Ans.(e)
∵ Length of platform or train is not given.
So, we can’t answer the question with the information given.

S3. Ans.(e)
To get volume of cylinder, we need height and radius.
So, from statement I and II or statement III volume of cylinder can be calculated.

S4. Ans.(c)
Ratio of failed students in school A = 2 : 1
∴ failed girls = 1x
Now 1x → 100
∴ failed student 3x ⇒ 3 × 100 = 300
∴ total students = 300 + 900 = 1200

S14. Ans.(c)
From A & B, we’ll get A’s share
From B & C, we can also get A’s share


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