Best Ways to Improve Vocabulary for IBPS & other Exams

| Updated On December 3rd, 2019 at 04:14 pm

Vocabulary now a days has become the inseperable part in any competitive exam. Be it banking, SSC or any other exam, vocabulary is the ineluctable hitch. From Reading comprehension to solving other miscellaneous questions, it is important to have knowledge on this part. We have always tried our best in providing you the quality content, and tips to ace in the exam. This time, we will try to give you green thumb in order to help you crack the English section in the upcoming exams.  Even if you are not a banking or competitve exam aspirant still Vocabulary plays a vital role in one’s life. Hope, all your queries will be answered in this article about how to learn vocabulary.

Know what is vocabulary?

Vocabulary is a part of English language that should be learned in a systematic and with wide variety of question types and activities that will help you understand all the meaning and nuances of every word that you are learning. Try to pay attention to what you read and hear: this will help you write or speak something better. Even if you have achieved perfection in vocabulary section and have learnt so many words till date, we will continue to reinforce what you have learned in the past time to make sure that everything remains fresh in your mind.

Things you need to learn to improve vocabulary

Every day you hear or read/see a number of words meaning of which may be unknown to you. Hearing  things with attention plays an important role in learning. Make sure you memorize them. But how will you categorize how and what to learn in this section.

  • Learn those words that are important to your subjects and exam.
  • Never forget to learn the words that have been asked in the past time whether in SSC or Banking examination.
  • Learn words that you hear time and again.
  • Read The Hindu Editorial and mark out the difficult words. Find out their meaning. Also make use of them in your day to day life.

How can you learn new words?

After having the complete list of words to be learnt the next task is to know how to memorize them. Have a look at the points below.

  • Write the new words that you have pen down with their Hindi and English meaning and definitions.
  • Make use of small cards. You can use them while playing also.
  • Say the words Many time, record your own voice and hear it again and again so that you do not forget them.
  • Put the words into different groups or sentences.
  • You can make use of pictures to learn new words this is the best way to learn something new.
  • Ask someone else to test what you have learned.
  • Give yourself a vocabulary test:

Once you have learned the number of words, test your self. Write the meaning, definition, synonym, and antonym of the same. Use the word in a sentence and translate it into your own language.

Learn Vocabulary by Reading:
Develop the habit of reading English stories, newspaper, fictional and non-fictional novels. Do not look for the meaning of the difficult words you find while reading instead read them again and again and you will be able to frame its meaning on your own. Cross check it with the dictionary, believe you will never forget the meaning of that word memorized in such way.

Things to know about the words you learn:

  • How it is spelled
  • How to pronounce it.
  • Hoe it is inflected like how it changes from verb to adjective etc.
  • How it collocates( what other words can be used with it.)
  • The context in which the word is most likely to be used.

We hope all the suggestions given to our worthy students will help you master this section. If you have any doubt mail us at

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