IBPS PO Interview Experience 2017 (Pune) – 52

Name – B. Amol
Center – Pune
Panel – III
Date – 09/02/2017

I get entry at 10.37am in room.
I – May I come in sir?
M1 – Come in come in (with greate zeal)
I – (there were 5 members in panel 4 men and 1 female member)
(Center  member lets say M1)
M1  – So introduce yourself.
(0But before I start he changed question and asked another question bunch)
M1 – Tell me about your education background right from 10th, then tell me about your family.
I – Told. I did BA History
M1 – What you prepared for interview?
I – Sir I prepared graduation subject, banking basics, and current events.
M1 – (In marathi) Then you know history well? So tell who was first Peshawa tell me about peshwa?
I – Sir Balaji Vishwanath was the first Peshwa came from harihareshwar. after him his son (Stammered he suggested Bajirao) yes sir Bajirao ballal came on throne in 1720 and was there for 20 years upto 1740.
M1 – Do you know Battle of Panipat, Peshwas fought 3rd battle is it? When did it haapened?
I – It was 1761, 14th jan 1761.
M1 – with whom he fought?
I – Sir, Abdali (It should have Ahmedshah Abdali from Afganistan, so M1 corrected it)
M2 – What was your in hand salary? (I was working in pvt ltd)
I – I told
M2 – What you did after leaving job?
I – I prepared for state services and Bank exams.
M2 – So which exams you attempted in banking??
M1 – (Came back hero) you have not attempted any clerck exam?
I – No sir
M2 – How you manage expences?
I – Told
M2 – What your brother does?
I – Told
M2 – So how much farm land you have?
I – Told
M2 – is it your or of your father?
I – Told
M3 – (Rocking time start here, rapid fire round)  So do you know about Kisan Credit card?
I – Yes sir it is government scheme which provide credit to farmers to fulfill their input requirement like seeds, fertilizer….(interrupted like stop bloody nonsense)
M3 – its tenure of credit?
I – Don’t know sir
M3 – Do you know PM jan dhan yojana? Why it launched/
I – Sir it was launched in 2015 (Wrong) for  financial inclusion which provide zero balance account to customer. Under it overdraft of 5000rs provided and insurance cover also provided.  Also debit card is provided.
M3 – BHIM?
I – It is Bharat interface for  money app which is used for transfer money from multiple ac to multiple accounts.
M2 – Do you use BHIM?
I – No sir
M2 – Internet banking?
I – yes sir
M2 – What is the biggest problem in front banking industry right now?
I – Sir NPA, Non performing assets.
M2 – How can we reduce it?
I – Sir as  I read in Economic survey 3R method, Renewal (),  Restructuring  and recovery.
Firsty , bank can provide additional loan to complete some project which has been facing credit crunch due to delay because of clearances problem.
Secondly, Bank can restructure loan condition like tenure or interest.
Thirdly, If it is difficult to recover so bank can capture mortgage and property and sell it. At least it will reduce value of loss.
M2 – Do you forget anything ? SERFAECI?
I – Yes sir this is law under which bank can capture and sell property of defaulter.
M1 – without going in court.
I – Thank you sir.
M1 – So Amol your age in 29 year how many years you going to work in bank, is it late?
I – Sir I struggle a lot to reach here.
(He smiled)
M1 – You like to ask anything
I – No sir.
M1 – he asked to his colleague, you want to ask anything?
M1 – ok you may go Amol.
I – Thank you sir.


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