IBPS PO Interview Experience 2017 (Chennai) – 34

Venue: Indian Overseas Bank Regional office Chennai
Reporting Time: 8:30 AM
Panel 3
Doorbell rank, Went inside. Greeted them
4M,1F (M1, M2, F1, M3, M4)

M3: What is Consolidation?
= (I couldn’t hear it properly) Sir Taking a loan to cover existing loan.

M3 Repeated the same question.
=Sorry sir don’t know.

M2: what does consolidation means in English?
= (As I started, M4 gestured joining hand.) Sir, It means merging, joining! Nodding head towards M4. Like SBI merged with its associates.

M2: Yes. That’s it. Simple. You are M.Tech.?
= Yes, sir just passed out in Dec.

M2: So what about campus (it mean placements)?
= Sir companies came. My percentage was less. So could not appear in it.

M2. why not PhD?
= Not Interested sir. (M1, M3 were nodding their heads) and Sir actually there should be a gap between M.Tech and PhD   (Should have avoided it saying)

M2: So you are interested in core field.?
= Not much sir. Actually, after completing my B.E, I was confused regarding the career. Some friend advised to go for IT, some said join SSC coaching for CGLE. So I took gate exam, cracked it. I wanted to have some time to think about the career. Joined M.Tech. Govt paid 12.4K every month. Then during M.Tech, I decided to join Banking.

<Took time and efforts to explain M2 that I wanted to be a part of banking and how I will be helpful to him. At one time, he said what’s the use of knowing everything, I replied ” Sir if I know everything then only I can explain it to the customers. He was speechless for 2 seconds!!  (strong point) >

M1: Where are you from?

M1: Who is CM?
=Mr. Manohar Lal Khattar.

M1: Which party?

M1: Name RRB in Haryana?
= Sarva Haryana Gramin Bank

M1: Which is financing bank?
=Sorry Sir I don’t know.    (I had to repeat it. He was not ready to buy my answer that I don’t know)

M1: Capital of Haryana?
= Chandigarh

M1: Capital of Punjab? ( I predicted this question before he could ask)
=Chandigarh. Sir its union territory.  (I had to say it before he could ask “why is the capital same?”  and I would have replied that it’s UT, then he must have asked what is UT,  and then He would enter into polity which is my weaker area.)

M1: Ok ok.. which other two states have common capital? ( Quite predictable)
= Sir Hyderabad WAS common capital of Telangana and AP. and but now Amravati ( Din say of which state as I was confused, but din show it on face)

M1 and F1: Its yet to be made. They have made it on paper.
= Ok, sir. I thought the capital is separated completely.

M1: How much you scored in RRB? ( They know that we appear in most of the banking exams especially of Officer cadre)
= 53. Sir, I could not made it. I was stuck in a puzzle. ( He seemed little shocked I don’t know why)

F1: what is Debit and credit card?
= Told. Gave eg.  of how these are useful. Caring a debit card is much safer than carrying a large amount of money with us. 

M2: If some goons come and put knife on your throat and take you to ATM and ask you to draw money for him, how is debit card useful?
( M2 was taking my Situation reaction test. During my explanation regarding how I will be helpful for bank, He was trying to box me in.)
=Sir if i carry 5 Lakhs rupees, goons will take it all. But if i carry debit card., they can only take to some limit say 25000/-. not all. Later I can report the same to police and I belive in authorities that they will help me out.

F1: What is a fiscal policy?
= Told.

( M3 did not ask anything. M4 was going in and out for some paper work. He too did not ask anything )

M1 and M2: Ok You may go now.
= Thank you sir. Thank you mam. (F1 did not expected it as she was busy in writing marks or something. As I wished her, She suddenly said Yes ok. ok)

No introduction. No question regarding my family. No depth questions on banking.

For freshers: Interview is 70%  about your personal life like why banking, hobbies, graduation subject. 30% banking and current. Emphasis more on your personal life question.

For Experienced (other than banking): Just prepare why now? along with your present work details like chairmen of your company, projects done etc.

Guys Prepare geniune answer for why do you want to join banking. Don’t copy it. Chances are that candidates who went inside before you have spoken it the same way. They will ask some situation based question (Stress questions) to check your stress level and how you respond during stressful situations.  Dont change your tone during anwering to such questions.  Restrict your unnecessary body movements. There is no harm saying I don’t know. They will teach you all during training period. Its just your response and body language they want to check. Just be confident.

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