IBPS PO Interview Experience 2017 (Guwahati) – 23

Date: 04/02/2017
Venue: United Bank of India Staff Training Center, Guwahati (Assam)
Time: 1:00 p.m
Panel: 1

Name: Amrit Jha
Qualification: M.Com (2016)
Work: Working in United Bank of India as an SWO since last year.

Hello Aspirants, I am about to share with you all My much awaited Interview Experience.
This was my 3rd IBPS PO Interview in a row!

Documents Verification & Biometric done by 2:30 p.m without any issue.

Entered the panel’s room at 4:10 p.m
There were 4 members in the Panel (1 Female & 3 Males)

Wished them. They responded & asked me to have a Sit.

M1: So, Amrit Jha, you have completed your graduation in 2014, right?
Me: Yes Sir!

M1: University?
ME: Gauhati University Sir!

M1: Ok!
M2 overtook: You have also completed Masters?
Me: Yes Sir, I completed it the very last year only!

M1: Ok that’s good! Now, Introduce yourself!
Me: Started well with my Background but Stopped in the middle in the family section!

M1: How many Siblings you have? What are they doing?
Me: Told them!

M1: What’s your father doing & in which place!
Me: Told!

M1: Enquired few more questions related to father’s job!
M2: While flipping the documents; ok, so you are already working in UBI?
Me: Yes Sir! Joined last year only!

M1: Then why didn’t you told us?
Me: I was about to say Sir!

M1: Ok, where are you posted?
Me: Answered!

M1: What your place of posting is famous for?
Me: Answered!

M1: 2 more questions related to the place of posting.
Me: Answered!

M2: Where is the HQ of UBI?
Me: Answered!

M2: Ok tell me, how many bridges are there on the River Brahmaputra?
Me: Answered the names of 2 bridges. Was not being able to recall the 3rd name, but Sir helped me in getting that!

M2: Why the Saraighat Bridge is famous for?
Me: Answered!

M2: Who was the Hero of Saraighat Battle?
Me: Answered!

M2: Between whom the Battle was fought?
Me: Answered!

M1: Name the deputy Governors of RBI!
Me: Answered but Couldn’t recall the name of all (Nervousness).

M1 to M2: Sir, he is from Commerce! So, can you.. ..
M2: Ok, tell me what is Net interest Margin?
Me: Thought for a second, then Told them; Sorry Sir, I’m not being able to recall it right now!

M2: Ok!
        Tell me the difference between Trial Balance and Balance Sheet!
Me: Explained!

M2: What is Current A/C Deficit?
Me: Answered!

M2: What are the types of Depreciation?
Me: Answered! But couldn’t explain the 2nd type!

M2: What is Financial Inclusion?
Me: Answered!

M3 with his 1st Question: What is  Return on Assets?
Me: Answered, but not Sure!

M1: Ok, now you can go!
Me: Thank you Sir!

The Female didn’t asked any question, she might be the Observer only!

That’s all guys! Wish Everyone all the Success in Life!!

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