IBPS PO Interview Experience 2017 (Trivandrum) – 58

Name: Manavalan
Venue: Canara Bank Circle Office, Trivandrum
Date: 08/Feb/2017
Reporting Time: 1:00PM
Panel: I

There were 22 candidates in the Panel and I was 13th. All the candidates were seated according to the Panels and everyone started acquainting to their immediate neighbours. Some were looking nervous and a few were having fun. In the mean time I wrote the declaration and waited for my turn to get the Document & Bio-metric verification done. It was a long wait indeed and I was finally called at 4:45pm.
When the bell rang, I got myself ready and entered the room.

There were 4 male and 1 female members in the panel.
Me: Good evening Mam. Good evening Sirs.
M1: Good evening, Mr. Manavalan. How are you?
Me: Couldn’t be better and How about you sir?
M1: We’re good. Please take your seat.
Me: Thank you sir.
M1: Have you had your lunch?
Me: Yes, Sir.
M1: Okay, Manavalan. Please listen carefully to the question and then answer. Please tell me 3 strengths of yours and 1 weakness. Also please tell your hobbies and about your parents.
Me: Okay, sir. To start off, I will tell you a weakness of mine. I’m very keen in taking responsibilities in my day to day life. However, at times I fail to do complete justice to the responsibilities which I think is a weakness of mine. The positive thing is that I’m working hard to overcome this weakness.
M1: Hmm…and your strengths??
Me: If I need to list my strengths, I first thing on my list would be the communication skills. And the next one would be my handwriting.
M1: Is that so? Let me see your handwriting. (He flipped the pages to find the declaration which I wrote). Yes, you’re right. Such a good calligrapher you are. (He showed the paper to other panellists as well and they also nodded with a pleasant smile)
M2: Let me guess. You might have written many letters with this handwriting, haven’t you?
Me: (I knew where they were heading to. I smiled and said yes) Yes, to be honest, I have written many letters but only one of them was for personal use. (Everybody laughed and F1 was giggling)
M1: Alright. What are your hobbies?
Me: I play and watch both cricket and football. I’m also a recreational swimmer.
M1: So you play football. Who is your favourite footballer?
Me: Cristiano Ronaldo.
M1: And why not Messi?
Me: Sir, in my personal opinion Ronaldo is adaptive to every playing conditions and he has proven that. But Messi could not prove himself when he plays for Argentina. This is my personal view and it has nothing to do with the actual statistics.
M1: Very good. (He asked M3 to ask questions)
M3: What do you mean by CORE Banking?
Me: (I explained Core Banking in my own words rather than giving text book definitions.)
M3: Okay fine. Tell me what is the expansion of “CORE”?
Me: I’m sorry Sir. I knew it but I could not recollect it now.
M3: Okay that is fine. (He nodded back to M2)
M2: You know the budget was recently presented. Tell me who presented the budget?
Me: The Finance Minister, Mr. Arun Jaitley.
M2: What was special about this year’s budget?
Me: I explained them about the merging of the two budgets.
M2: Okay. Tell me 3 highlights of this year’s budget.
Me: (I told 3 easy ones) 1. The service charge on rail tickets booked through IRCTC will be withdrawn.
2. Elimination of unmanned level crosses by 2020.
3. By 2019, all coaches of the Indian Railways will be fitted with bio-toilets.
M2: Okay. (He asked about Bio-toilets and then nodded to F1 and M4)

F1: So you were working in XYZ Company which is an IT MNC. What was your job profile there?
Me: I explained them about the roles I performed. (They didn’t ask why I left)
M4: Can you differentiate between Customer satisfaction and Customer delight? (My mind suddenly went blank and I couldn’t say anything. M4 wanted me to answer the question and hence he repeated the question with a more prompting tone. In the mean time I figured out what I should say)
Me:  Certainly Sir. Can I explain you by giving examples?
M4: Of course, you can quote examples.
Me:  Imagine I’m a customer who is looking for an electronic gadget with certain specs. If I could get that gadget with the exact same requirements from a particular shop, I will be a satisfied customer. Take the same scenario again and if I could get the gadget along with a free gift or a promotional product, then I would be a delighted customer. (All of them nodded their heads in agreement)

M1: Okay, Manavalan. Thank you very much. What was your attempt in the Main Exam?
Me: 108 Sir. (I stood up and was about to leave)
M1: Take chocolates. Take more than one if you want.
Me: (I took 2 and thanked all the members and left the room.)
I was very much satisfied with my interview session. All the Panel members were very co-operative and helped me while I stumbled in between. The whole session lasted for about 10-12 minutes. Now, I’m keeping my fingers crossed and looking forward for a positive result on April 1st.


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