IBPS PO Interview Experience 2017 (Kerala) – 16

Date: 6/02/2017
Venue: Canara Bank Circle office, Trivandrum, Kerala
Time: 1 pm
Panel: 2

I:May I come in Sir?

M1:Please come in Nitin and have your seat.
I:Thank you sir.

M1:Oh Nitin,you are having a good height.What is your height?
I:It is 187 cms sir.

M1:Good,you could’ve tried for military or police.Have you ever tried?
I:Yes sir I’ve tried for army,but I’m having a medical unfitness issue.

M1:What about police?
I:No sir,I never tried for police.

M1:So nitin,tell me about your parents?
I: Explained by telling their name and  occupation.

M1:What about siblings,u got any?
I:Yes sir,I’ve got 2 younger brothers as my siblings.(Also told their name and  undergoing education)

M1:Nitin,tell me 3 of your strengths,1 weakness and your hobbies?
I:Sir,coming to my strength I’m friendly,hardworking and has got a never give up attitude.One of my weakness is that I’m a little extravagant,I spent my money on junk foods and carbonated drinks.

M1: How come you spent money if you are unemployed?
I:Sir,I was working earlier.

M1:Oh,where were you working?
I:I was working at Sesa Sterlite Ltd as a graduate apprentice engineer after completion of my B.tech degree.

M2: Sterlite,of Vedanta Group?
I:Yes sir,but they’ve merged every subsidiary and renamed as Sesa Sterlite Ltd,which is nowagain renamed as Vedanta limited.To be very specific I worked in the Iron Ore division of Sesa Goa Ltd as it was known earlier.

M2:Where where you working?
I:I was working at Goa Sir.

M2:Which department,mining?
I:No Sir,I was working in the maintenance department.

M2: Maintenance of what?
I:Sir,maintenance of Iron ore refinery ie blast furnace.

M1: Then you must be aware about the risks faced by a mechanical engineer who is working in an Iron ore refinery.
Tell me three risks?
I:Sir,three major risks are risk of fire,risk of height and risk of poisonous gas leakages.

M1:You didn’t told me about your hobbies!.
I:Sorry sir.My hobbies are Cooking,Swimming,Watching Hollywood movies and reading books.

M1: Hollywood movies huh,who is your favourite?
I:Sir Actor or Director?(I was kind of ambiguous)

M1: Of course actor!
I:Tom Hanks is my favourite Sir.

M1:He is old now,any young guys?
I:(I don’t know what went through my mind)I told “Edward Norton”.

M2:What about in black guys?
I:I like Will Smith.

M2:You left sesa na? Why?You could’ve continued there.?
I:Sir my tenure was over as I was an apprentice.

M2:There was no possibility of a job there?
I:Yes sir,but it was on contractual basis.And more of I was thinking seriously about a public sector bank job.

M2:Oh,banking?Then you must’ve prepared something for bank?
I:Yes Sir.

M2:Have you heard of SIDBI?
I:Yes Sir.

M2:What does SIDBI stand for?
I:Small Industries Development Bank of India

M2:What kind of bank is it?
I:It is a development bank sir.

M2:What about IDBI?What kind of bank is it?
I:It is also a development bank sir.

M2:No nitin,it is not a development bank.(I always thought it was a development bank.)
I:Sir I thought it was a development bank,anyway I’m sorry sir if I’m wrong.

M2:Ok,no problem nitin.Do you know about RRBs?
I: Yes sir(nodding my head).

M2:Tell me about the RRB in Kerala?
I:Kerala Gramin Bank is the only RRB in Kerala.

M2:Where is the HQ?
I: Malappuram Sir.

M2:Who is the current chairman of KGB?
I:It is Shri P V Shaji.

M2:It is not P V Shaji,It is K V Shaji(Smiling)

M2 asked me few more questions about Kerala Gramin Bank which i answered.He told me that “you know quite about Kerala Gramin Bank”.Then M3 interrupted him telling that “he might’ve attended RRB interview”.M2 asked me about that,for which i told ‘yes’ Then M3 told “See,this is what I told”,and they laughed.I also smiled along with them. M1 again started asking me questions.

M1: We’ve seen that you’ve set Syndicate Bank as your first preference,why so?

I:Sir,I’ve set preference acvording to the banks having headquarters near to my native starting from Syndicate.Apart from that Syndicate Bank is the lead bank of my district(Kannur),also their tagline attracted me a lot.

M1:Oh(Smiling),what is their tagline?
I:Your faithful and friendly financial partner.

M1:Have you ever observed their logo?
I:Yes sir,it is a dog more of looking like a German Shepherd.
All were smiling hearing German Shepherd.

M1:In which direction is it facing?
I:(Tried to remember,but was unable to recollect)Sorry Sir don’t know.

F1:Nitin,tell me one budjet point which striked you the most?
I:Mam can I think for 10 seconds?

M1 told that I could take 30 seconds(smiling)
I:Told about 10 lakh crore credit for farmers with 60 days interest free waiver.

F1 asked me about difference between DD and Cheque for which I answered well.F1 also asked me about ‘Lead bank scheme’ for which my reply was not that satisfactory.

Finally M1 asked me about my attempts in mains exam.

Later he told me “It’s over,you can go now”.They were all smiling.

I:Thank you Sir.

F1 asked me to take a chocolate.(Took one after looking for around 10 seconds).They were laughing seeing my delay in being selective.(there were 3 types of chocolates)Overall experience was good.All members were friendly.

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