IBPS PO Interview Experience 2017 (Bhopal) – 21

1p.m. Panel 3

There were 4-panel members present there(one chair was empty). 1F 3M.

Wished them a good afternoon.
Ma’am was just observing. M1 was the senior most and talked in pure Hindi(although he had good command over both English and Hindi). M2 and M3 were middle aged.

M1: Sisodia Ji, baithiye.
me: thanked him and sat.

M1: Maharana Pratap ka naam suna hai aapne?
Me: Ji sir, Maharana Pratap Sisodia tha unka poora naam.

M1: Bilkul sahi. Aakhri ladai kaun si ladi thi unhone.
Me: (after thinking a bit) Sir, Panipat?

M1: Masale ke dabbe mein ek cheez rehti hai us se kuch milta julta naam hai.
Me: Sir, Haldighati!

M1:  Correct(Smiled). Ab aap apne baare mein bataiye…education, work, family, interest.
Me: Gave the introduction in Hindi as he was talking only in Hindi. Interests: Swimming and photography.

He seemed to be related to the photography field. So, he asked technical questions about photography which I was able to answer satisfactorily. Then he told me to see the work of 4 photographers(which I don’t remember). He asked and noted my instagram id xD

M1: Koi aisa subject bataiyejo aapka bohot pasand ho.
Me: from graduation, sir?

M1: Nahi nahi, poore lifetime ka.
Me: English language, sir.

M1:grammar ki kaunsi book ka best mana jata hai.
Me: Sir, Wren and Martin.

M1: Aur dictionary?
Me: Sir, Oxford.

M1:Ek koi aur dictionary ka naam bataiye.
me: Sir, webster.

M1: good.
Then he asked basic questions from science(properties of materials, malleability, aqua regia, use of mechanical engg in food industry etc)
Most of which I was able to answer except 1 or 2.

M2 started asking then.

M2: Entrepreneurship ke baare mein bataiye. definition, scope, benefits etc.
Me: answered.

a few cross questions on which I differed from him at first but then agreed.

M3: So you work in the home loans department?
me: yes, sir.

M3: what is LTV ration?
Me: Answered satisfactorily.

At this time the 5th member entered the room. wished him good afternoon.

M3: Situation based question(about home loan).
Me: Answered. But he didn’t seem satisfied.

M3: read more about it later.
Me: Sure, sir. (which I found out that I had answered correctly)

M3 to the new addition M5: aap kuch poochna chahenge.
Me: Nahi sir. Thank you Aniket. You can go.

Thanked all of them and went out.

Overall a good experience. All the panel members are friendly. The regular inflow of jokes during the interview. We just have to maintain the calm. All the best everyone!

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