IBPS PO Quantitative Aptitude Quiz: 18th September 2019

IBPS PO Quantitative Aptitude Quiz
With the increasing level in exams, quantitative aptitude has become the ineluctable hitch. Generally, questions asked in this section are calculative and lengthy that consumes your time. This subject can do wonders if you always keep a check on your accuracy, speed and time. Accuracy is what matters the most. To help you prepare the section we have provided a well-definedIBPS PO Prelims Study Plan.You can also Prepare from thestudy noteto clear your basic concepts. Attempt this quantitative aptitude quiz and check your performance for the upcoming IBPS PO Prelims Study Plan 2019. Following is the quiz of 18th September, that inculcate the important topic from Quantitative Aptitude.

Directions (1-5): The following table provides the information regarding the six different parks in a city and the percentage distribution of the population visited there out of total population and the ratio of male to female population. Study the table carefully and answer the following questions.
Total population of city = 1,44,000Q1. Find the average of the female visitors in parks C, E and F . 
(a) 11,778
(b) 11,124
(c) 13,878
(d) 14,674
(e) 10,978

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Q2. Number of male visitors in the park A is what percent more/less than the number of female visitors in park E ?
(a) 20%
(b) 15%
(c) 25%
(d) 10%
(e) 30%

Q3. Find the difference between the number of male visitors in park C and F together and the number of female visitors in the same park?
(a) 6280
(b) 7240
(c) 6624
(d) 8640
(e) 9040

Q4. If out of the total male visitors in park F, 75% are senior citizens then, in park F find the sum of male visitors who are not senior citizen and total number of female visitors
(a) 11,120
(b) 12,420
(c) 10,140
(d) 10,060
(e) 10,080

Q5. Find the average of the total visitors in parks A, C, D and E ?
(a) 24,840
(b) 26,420
(c) 28,860
(d) 22,240
(e) 24,250

Directions (6-10): Given table shows the ratio of passed students, failed students and absent students in final exams of six different schools in 2017.Note- Total students in any school= passed students +failed students+ absent students

Q6. If total students in school ‘P’ is equal to the total students in school ‘T’ and absent students of school ‘T’ is 32 then, find the difference between passed students of school ‘P’ and passed students of school ‘T’?
(a) 64
(b) 48
(c) 36
(d) 28
(e) 32

Q7. Failed students from school ‘U’ is what percent of the failed students from school ‘R’ if absent students from both schools are equal?

Q8. If ratio of total students from school Q, R and S is 3 : 2 : 4 and absent students of school Q are 312 then find the average of total number of students in school Q, R and S together.
(a) 1560
(b) 1340
(c) 1440
(d) 2080
(e) 1040

Q9. If passed student from school ‘P’ is equal to the failed student of school ‘U’, then absent student of school ‘P’ is what percent of the absent student of school ‘U’?
(a) 40%
(b) 80%
(c) 50%
(d) 30%
(e) 60%

Q10. Percentage of passed students of school ‘R’ is what percent of percentage of passed students of school ‘S’.

Q11. Raman is travelling with a speed of 15 km/hr and reached point ‘X’ at 12:00 pm. If he had travelled with a different speed he would reach ‘X’ at 3 : 00 pm but if he further increased its changed speed by 80% then, he reach ‘X’ at 11 : 00 am. Find the speed with which Raman reach ‘X’ at 11 : 00 am.
(a) 10
(b) 20
(c) 15
(d) 18
(e) 16

Q12. Ratio of speed of Sakshi and Priya to cover a distance is 3 : 4. If Priya covers the distance 30 minutes earlier then Sakshi, then find the time taken by Sakshi to cover the distance.
(a) 3 hours
(b) 2.5 hours
(c) 1 hours
(d) 1.5 hour
(e) 2 hours

Q13. A person travels from P to Q at a speed of 40kmph and returns by increasing his speed by 50%. What is his average speed for the entire journey?
(a) 36 kmph
(b) 45kmph
(c) 48kmph
(d) 50kmph
(e) 40kmph

Q14. A man reaches office 15 minutes earlier if he goes with 6 km/h and gets late by 25 minutes if he goes with speed of 4 km/hr. Find distance covered by him.
(a) 8 km
(b) 10 km
(c) 12 km
(d) 8.5 km
(e) 9.5 km

Q15. Speed of Satish is 40% of speed of Aman. Aman covers 2340 m in 18 seconds. Find in how much time Satish can cover 468 m.
(a) 8 seconds
(b) 9 seconds
(c) 10 seconds
(d) 11 seconds
(e) 12 seconds

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