IBPS PO VIII Interview Experience – 04 | Vijit Gupta

IBPS PO VIII Interview Experience

Name: Vijit Kumar Gupta
Venue: The Grand JBR, Gomtinagar, Lucknow
Date: 31st January 2019
Reporting Time :1 PM

Hi Friends,

I completed my graduation in 2018 & as this was my first attempt, my nervousness reached its peak. But hopefully got to manage it soon.
I reached the venue at 11:35, and quickly approached towards verification & biometrics. The staff was very helpful but didn’t compromise with any of the documents. Soon biometric was done and I was allotted No. 2 & asked to wait till further orders. At 1:15 three of us were called upstairs and asked to sit in the common area. My heartbeat was 3 times faster. Soon they informed that panel has gone for lunch. After half an hour they returned & that was “Showtime”. So here is how my interview went.

Panel: 5 Members
Total Members: (4 Male, 1 Female)

“Panel members were very enthusiastic & it was like conversation with your Tau/Chacha”.

ME: Good Morning Mam, Good Afternoon Sirs (by mistake Morning bol diya).
M1: आइये आइये गुप्ता जी बैठिये, Have your seat.

M1: तो आपने Graduation में क्या किया है और कहाँ से?
ME: हिंदी में ही detail में बताया.

M2: आपके शाहजहांपुर में “शंकर मुमुक्षु आश्रम” है, मुमुक्षु का मतलब बताइये?
(I think he asked this because he was posted there previously)
ME: Sorry sir सुना है पर strike नही कर रहा अभी.

M2: कोई बात नही ये banking से related नही है।

M1: Schooling कहाँ से की है।
ME: Answered.

M2: वही Cantt Area में जो है, अच्छा ये तो बहुत अच्छा School है, बढ़िया। (he knew too much about Shahjahanpur)

M1: Banking में क्यों आना चाहते हैं?

ME: Gave them two reasons, First – the Banking Recruitment process which is very fast paced & absolutely fair (thought it was a unique answer), Second – as my uncle has a retail shop, I usually sit there in my free time so I am well versed with customer dealing and I don’t panic in front of 10 strangers at the same time plus I won’t have much problem in adjusting to the banking business culture (were satisfied with my answer).

M2: आपका account किस बैंक में है?
ME: Sir SBI.

M2: क्या facilities ले रखी हैं आपने अपने बैंक से।
ME: Internet Banking, ATM और Mobile banking.

M2: कुछ और।
ME: Sir RD, FD दोनो ले रखी हैं.

M1: कोई और बात बताइये।
ME: Education Loan ले सकते हैं.

M2: loan मत बताइये कुछ और।
ME: Sir Locker Facility भी मिलती है.

F1: कोई Non-banking activity बताइये।
ME: Mam Insurance भी provide कराया जाता है PMJJY के through.

F1: Exact Answer दिया आपने, NEFT/RTGS के बारे में जानते हैं?
ME: Explained in detail.

F1: कभी RTGS किया है आपने?
ME: Yes Mam, uncle की shop के Current Account के Online Transactions मैं ही करता हूँ,
So pretty used to it.

F1: इससे पहले कुछ qualify किया आपने?
ME: Mam ये मेरा पहला attempt है, graduation 2018 में किया.

M2: अरे वाह 2018 में,  इसका मतलब पहली ही ball पे six मारना चाहते हो, well done बहुत Rare case है आपका तो।

“Everybody started laughing”.

ME: Thank You Sir!
M2: Ok you performed well, you may go now.

Overall My interview was good considering it was my first. Hope result is good as well. That’s all. All the Best. I would be thankful if my experience helps someone.

Jai Hind!

                                           All The Best Vijit Gupta!


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