IBPS PO VIII Interview Experience – 20 | Abhishek Mishra

Greetings everyone ! My name is Abhishek Mishra. I am from Lakhimpur kheri. Recently the final results of IBPS PO 2018 were announced and I have been allotted first preference of mine Punjab National Bank. I am going to share interview experience of mine with you guys. It’s one of those moments of life when you feel blessed because sometimes back when I was preparing for the Interview I was reading every possible interview experience/guidance. So the journey of mine from reading others’ experiences to share on my own, was amazing.”

Venue – Lucknow Hotel Grand JBR
Date – February 3rd 2019
Timing – 1:00 PM
Panel – 4
The excitement was such that time I reached the venue at 10:30 AM ( you don’t have to reach so early, you just have to reach half an hour earlier). Document verification and Biometric went smoothly. Make sure you don’t miss any important document.There were 5 members in the Panel 4 Male and 1 female. One Male member was leading the panel, for reference I’m calling leading male member M1 other male members M2 M3 M4 , lady member L1 and myself Abhi. I was 5th in the row, my turn came around 2:45 PM. PM.The bell rang and here it goes-:
Abhi ~May I come in Sir?
M1 ~Come in.
Abhi ~Good afternoon Mam Good afternoon Sirs.
All ~Good afternoon.
M1 ~Take the seat.
Abhi ~Thank you Sir.
M1 ~You look young what’s your age?
Abhi ~It’s 20 sir .

M1 ~What’s your DOB are you eligible na!(in a sarcastic manner)
Abhi ~Yes sir of course, I’m eligible.
M1 ~Tell me something about your education?
Abhi ~Sir, I’ve completed my graduation physics honour’s from Kirorimal college, Delhi university.
M1 ~In which year?
Abhi ~Sir in may 2018.
M1 ~Instead of pursuing your Master’s in physics why have you opted Banking sector?
Abhi ~Sir, There were three major reasons-:
  •  First is During my graduation I had started reading Banking and Economy articles and got interested into the same. So I had decided to pursue this sector completing my graduation.
  • Secondly I wanted to start my professional life as early as possible for which I needed a job thus I prepared for this examination.
  • And lastly As we all know, India is one of the fastest growing economy in the world, Most of its GDP comes from service sector(approx 57%) and Banking is also a part of service sector therefore I would like to contribute in the development of Indian economy.

M2 ~Where are you from?
Abhi ~Sir Lakhimpur kheri.
M2 ~Which crop is grown maximum at your place?
Abhi ~Sir, I am not sure but I think it’s sugarcane.
M3 ~How have you been to Kirorimal college for your graduation?
Abhi ~Sir, My Performance in intermediate (12th) was good, I had scored 96% in physics chemistry and maths. Based on the PCM score I opted my graduation in physics from Kirorimal college, Delhi University.
M4 ~What you want to be Mr. Abhishek?
Abhi ~Sir I haven’t decided yet to be something but I will be pleased to give my services in bank from scale 1 to 7 with utmost honesty and integrity.
M4 ~But if you have to choose one between rbi governor and chairman of a bank what would you select?
Abhi ~Sir I will choose RBI Governor.
L1 ~What is Financial Inclusion?
Abhi~Mam, starting from 1969 Lead Bank scheme to 2015 jan dhan account openings, The government and Banks are trying to bring the people of weaker section and low income group to the mainstream of Society. So that these people too can save amounts for medical and future urgency..
L1 ~What facilities are they provided in Jan Dhan account?
Abhi ~The facilities they are provided are-:
  • Zero balance savings account.
  • Life Insurance cover of Rs 2lakh under Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Yojana and accidental cover of Rs 1 lakh under Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana. 
  • Investment option like Atal Pension Yojana.

M1 ~Difference between Repo rate and Reverse repo rate?
Abhi ~Repo rate is the rate at which RBI lends money to commercial banks. Reverse repo rate is the interest rate RBI provides to the commercial banks for parking their money.

M1 ~So tell me why repo rate is always greater than reverse rep?
Abhi ~Reverse repo is always less than repo rate as RBI cannot give more interest on deposits and charge lesser interest on loans. Besides this reverse repo is generally kept less to avoid banks from keeping excess funds with RBI instead of investing them usefully (more economically).

M1 ~See your first preference is PNB, I won’t ask why because you must have prepared the answer so my question is what is PNB?
Abhi ~Sir it’s one of the largest public sector bank, established in 1895 in Lahore by Lala Lajpat rai. PNB was nationalized in first phase of nationalisation in 1969.
M1 ~What’s the difference between a nationalize and a public sector bank?
Abhi ~Sir, Nationalisation of a bank implies the transfer of ownership to the government by an act of parliament and PSBs are those banks in which the Govt’s shareholding is greater than 50%.That means there are some banks in which Govt has a stake of greater than 50% but they are not nationalised; We have the IDBI bank and the Bharat Mahila Bank which are not nationalised but these are public sector bank.Thus, all nationalised banks are public sector banks but all public sector banks are not nationalised banks.
M1 ~Suppose you are the newly appointed Branch Manager of a bank and your branch is going in loss from 3 years what will you do,tell me three points?
Abhi ~Sir, as the issue of NPA is rising in the Indian banking sector so –
  • Firstly I’ll first take into account the records of old loans of branch. 
  • Then I’ll talk to the old and respective employees of the branch to get the idea of the situation.
  • Lastly I will take the advice of seniors if needed.

M1 ~Ok Thank you Mr.Abhishek.
Abhi ~Thank you Sirs, Thank you Mam. Have a nice day ahead.
Finally the marks are out and my Interview score is 73 out of 100. I have written a detailed answer about my preparation journey so you can see it for mains and interview preparation – http://bit.ly/2KUh4bC

Final words from my side-:
Through out the interview I’ve tried to maintain eye contact with all the Members. For maintaining eye contact part, I have adopted a simple method answer the first one/two lines facing the member who has asked the question then move the neck around other members and finish the answer facing the first one who asked the question.And have a calm and composed sitting posture during the interview. I wish you best wishes from my side.

All The Best Abhishek For Future Endeavours!