IBPS PO VIII Interview Experience – 02 | Harshad Janghela

IBPS PO VIII Interview Experience

Name: Harshad Janghela
Institute: Career Power, Bankersadda, Indore
Interview Date: 31 January 2019
Venue: Central Bank Officers Traning Centre,  Bhopal

Interview timing was 8:00 AM, so I reached the venue at 7:30. All the candidates were given a form to fill the list of documents which needed to be submit like graduation marksheet (semester wise), provisional degree/ final degree, online application form, SSC marksheet for Date of birth proof, Aadhar/PAN for identity proof. It is advised to keep all the original and photocopies ready for smooth verification. 

All the candidates were now seated and asked for biometric verification one by one. After that, document verification started. The people working there were very helpful during this and my document verification was completed without any problem. After that we were told to sit near our respective panels (mine was panel 2). Finally, interview started. 
Panel: 5 Members
Total Members: (4 Male, 1 Female)

“I entered the room after asking for their permission”. 

M2: Yes! Harshad please come.
ME: Good Morning Mam! Good morning Sirs!
M2: So Harshad, tell me about yourself?
ME: Sir, I am from Indore and I have done my schooling from there ( told my percentage of Xth and Xllth). After that I did my graduation in mechanical engineering in 2017. My father is a retired branch manager from NJGB and my mother is a homemaker. In my free time I like to read novels and write articles.
M1: What kind of articles have you written recently? 
ME:  Answered.
F1: So, why do you want to join bank after engineering? 
ME: Mam, my father was a banker and I have often visited banks since childhood. I have liked how a bank works and want to learn more about it. 
M4: What are the services a bank offers? 
ME: Answered.
M4: As a banker, what should be your responsibilities for the growth of bank?
Me: Answered.
F1: Are you aware about the new magnetic chip in ATMs? What is the use of that? 
ME: Yes, Mam I know that it is for added security. 

F1: Tell me about payment banks and their functions? 
ME: Answered.
F1: What should be kept in mind while visiting an ATM for security? 
ME: Answered.
M5: Your father was in RRB right? Tell me how much share does state government has in RRB?
ME: I was not sure whether it was 35% or 15%, they informed me that it is 15% for state government, 35% for sponsor bank and 50% for Central government. 

M3: How are RRBs different from nationalised banks? 
ME: Explained well.

F1: Tell me the difference between payment bank and NBFC? 
ME: I explained it but they were not fully satisfied. 
M2: Tell me examples of Payment banks? 
ME: Answered.

M3: Thank you, you can go.
Me: Thank you Mam, Thank you sir, Good day.
The interview lasted for about 10 minutes and they were very friendly and supportive. I think it went alright, Hope for the best!
All The Best Harshad Janghela!


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