IBPS RRB Mains Computer Quiz: 20th September

Computer Knowledge section can help you to improve your overall score if in case other sections are tougher than the expectation. We are providing you with a question set based on the types and patterns of questions asked in the Computer Knowledge section in previous years. We already rolled the study plan for IBPS RRB MAINS 2019Computer Quiz of 20th September 2019 covers Topic Miscellaneous.

Q1. Which among the following is software that uses a pattern-matching technique to examine all files on a disk looking for harmful code?
(a) Operating system
(b) Backup software
(c) Utility programs
(d) Driver imaging
(e) Antivirus Software

S1.Ans. (e)
Sol. Antivirus or anti-virus software, sometimes known as anti-malware software, is computer software used to prevent, detect and remove malicious software.

Q2.______ is a set of keywords, symbols and a system of rules for constructing statements by which human can communicate the instructions to be executed by a computer.
(a) A computer program
(b) A programming language
(c) An assemble
(d) Syntax
(e) None of these

S2.Ans. (b)
Sol. A programming language is a formal computer language or constructed language designed to communicate instructions to a machine, particularly a computer. Programming languages can be used to create programs to control the behavior of a machine or to express algorithms.

Q3.What does VIRUS stands for?
(a) Vital Information Resources under Siege
(b) Viral Important Record User Searched
(c) Very Interchanged Resources User Searched
(d) Very Intelligent Resources under Search
(e) None of the above

Sol. A computer virus is a malware that, when executed, replicates by reproducing itself or infecting other programs by modifying them. Infecting computer programs can include as well, data files, or the boot sector of the hard drive.

Q4.ClipArt is a feature that can be used:
(a) To places ClipArt in your presentation in slide
(b) To scan your presentation for incorrect spelling of words on each slide
(c) To scan your presentation for incorrect spelling in WordArt objects
(d) All of the above
(e) None of the above

Sol. ClipArt places ClipArt in your presentation in slide.

Q5.Which of the following printers is used in conjunction with computers and uses dry ink powder?
(a) Daisy wheel
(b) Thermal printer
(c) Line printer
(d) Laser printer
(e) Band printer

Sol. Laser printers use a dry ink powder in cartridge called toner.

Q6.________ determines the appearance of your desktop and controls the performance of your hardware.
(a) Windows Explorer
(b) Internet Explorer
(c) Program file
(d) Control Panel
(e) System file

Sol. The Control Panel is a section of Microsoft Windows that enables a user to change various computer hardware and software features. Settings for the mouse, display, sound, network, and keyboard represent just a few examples of what may be modified in the Control Panel.

Q7.A database that spreads information across different tables while maintaining links between them is referred to as________.
(a) Relational database
(b) Rotational database
(c) Database connection
(d) Tabular database
(e) None of these

Sol. A relational database is a collective set of multiple data sets organized by tables, records and columns. It establishes a well-defined relationship between database tables.

Q8.What does SNMP stand for?
(a) Simple Network Mail Protocol
(b) Single Network Mail Protocol
(c) Single Network Message Protocol
(d) Simple Network Management Protocol
(e) None of these

Sol. Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is a popular protocol for network management. It is used for collecting information from, and configuring, network devices, such as servers, printers, hubs, switches, and routers on an Internet Protocol (IP) network.

Q9.Verification of a login name and password is known as________.
(a) configuration
(b) accessibility
(c) authentication
(d) logging in
(e) None of these

Sol. Authentication is a process that ensures and confirms a user’s identity.

Q10.A half byte is know is_______.
(a) Data
(b) Bit
(c) word
(d) Nibble
(e) None of the above

Sol. 1 nibble= 4 bits

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