IBPS RRB IT Officer Interview Experience of Giddigi Laxmikanth

Interview Venue: IDBI, JNIBF, Hyderabad
Interview Date: 26/11/2019
Interview Time: 1:00 PM
Interview Panel: II
Interview Language: ENGLISH & TELUGU

I went into the JNIBF at 12.30pm and waited for certificate verification but the order they choose to call was according to the category in order of Law, Agriculture, HR, Treasury, Marketing, and at last IT and they had lunch break at 2pm and at 4.30pm i had my certificate verification only 4 people of IT category are left and at 5.30pm all panels interviews are done and only our panel left with 4 of us and i am 3rd from the last and little worried that the panel wil try to finish quick because at 6pm they will wind up and my turn came at 5.35pm here it goes.

5 members in Panel (4 Male, 1 Female)

ME: May I come in sir?
Panel: Yes Please!

ME: Good evening sirs, Good evening madam.
Panel: Please take your seat – Thank you sir!

Male 1: What is your Name?
Answer: Sir, I am Giddigi Laxmikanth.

Male 1: What is your present assignment? (I was thinking what he asked and he asked again what are you doing now)
Answer: Sir, I am preparing for banking examinations from past 1 and half year.

Male 1: Why did you leave your job?
Answer: Sir, Firstly after my graduation i was not in line what to do next then i was offered as software engineer position from Capgemini LTD and I joined as a thought that why to waste an opportunity provided to you later I realised my strengths lies towards banking sector so I left my job and started preparing for banking jobs.

Male 1: What were you doing while working?
Answer: Answered.

Male 1: What are RRBs?
Answer: Answered.

Male 2: What is difference between electric and electronics? (since I am from ECE)
Answer: Answered.

Male 2: What is Computer Telecommunications?
Answer: No sir, I don’t know (I was not confident even though I was aware a little).

Male 3: What is difference between Internet & Intranet?
Answer: Answered.

Male 3: What is SWIFT?
Answer: Sir, with reference to banking sector it is Society for world wide Interbank financial Telecommunication.

Male 3: Why it is used?
Answer: Sir, It is used for worldwide interbank transactions using SWIFT code consisting of 8 or 11 digit which indicates country code, bank code and branch code.

Male 4: What is Network?
Answer: Answered.

Male 4: What is CORE?
Answer: Sir, it stands for centralized online real time exchange is an central data server for inter bank financial transaction using NEFT, RTGS, IMPS.

Male 1: There are no vacancies in Telugu states why did you choose this job?
Answer: Sir, when you are aiming for a banking job you have to be ready to work anywhere in INDIA and even I preferred options as Baroda UP Grameena bank, Baroda Gujarath Grameena bank.

Female 1: So you got promoted once still you left your job right why?
Answer: Yes madam, but the only difficulty i faced during my job was i have to work 24*7 rotational shift which made my sleep cycle difficult.

Female 1: So you have Nyctophobia right?
Answer: I said Yes madam (I did not know the word madam said i was blank thinking what it means) then madam explained it means fear of working in night shift and i was still thinking then madam said you can also answer in telugu.

Female 1: Is this your 1st Interview?
Answer: Yes madam.

Male 1: Ok All the Best!
Answer: Thank you sir!

And interview took around 10 mins and I was confident to answer the questions except the last one which I  did not know and I had confidence my interview was above average but hoped for the best outcome.

Finally on 1 Jan 2020 result announced and I secured the job as IBPS RRB IT OFFICER SCALE II.

With Regards,

All The Best Laxmikanth For Future Endeavours!

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