IBPS RRB Officer Scale-1 Interview experience (Lucknow)

Dear Readers,

Name- anshul gupta
Venue-Gramin bank of aryavat,Lucknow
Timing- 8:30 am
Date- 20/01/2017
panel- VIII
Post- RRB scale 1 officer

After the biometric verification and document verification, the interview started about 11:30 AM.
My interview went around 12-15 min’s. They were 5 members in panel. 4 male members and 1 female member.
I entered the room with smile and wished everyone.

F1- What are you doing nowdays.you have worked earlier or not?
Me- answered

F1- You got more marks in 12th comparison to 10th then what is the reason behind this.
Me- answered

F1- In how many exams you appeared this year and what were their results.
Me- answered
then they asked M1 to ask some questions

M1- Do you know about some norms which are related to identity of the customer?
Me- answered but they didn’t ask another question so, I gave some more details on kyc norms.

M1- Do you know about banking products. what are the different types of products of bank.
Me- answered and they put another question from my answer 

M1- Tell me about locker facilities of the bank.Do you put your gold in the locker of bank.
Me- answered but I could not give correct explanation.I said no.

M1- Why do you not put your gold in the locker.
Me- answered. 
they laughed and looked satisfied.
then they asked M2 to ask some questions

M2- How will you manage in rural areas.
Me- answered 

M2- How will your family manage.will they live with you or not?
Me- answered

M2- Asked some questions about family and occupation.
Me- answered

then they asked M3 to ask some questions
M3- What do you want. I ask from technical or banking?
Me- I said technical they surprised and again ask are you sure then I said yes I am sure

M3- What is the difference between analog and digital electronics.
Me- answered

then they asked M4 to ask some questions.
M4- Asked one question from my city Bareilly.
Me- answered something related to that but exactly I don’t know.

M4- What are the functions of RBI.
ME- answered

M4- What is the monetory policy.Tell me its products.
Me- answered

M4- What are the different types of banks.
Me- answered 

M4- okk, then tell me about SIDBI. Is SIDBI a different type of bank.
Me- answered 

M4- What are the functions of Nabard.
Me- answered

M4- Tell me about fiscal policy. How is it different from monetory policy.
Me- answered

M3- What does your father-in-law do?
Me- answered

M3- okk thank you anshul.
Me- I wished everyone.
Anshul Gupta

All the best for IBPS PO aspirants
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