IBPS RRB PO Interview Experience – Nitin Joshi

IBPS RRB PO Interview Experience 

Name: Nitin Joshi
Venue: Lucknow
Date: 5-11-2018
Time: 1:00 PM
Panel: III
Total Members: 5(4 male, 1 female)

The Entry started at 12:30 pm, right after entering into the hall we were told to wait in the waiting room. After which they started calling aspirants for biometric and document verification. I was the second last to get verified from my panel. After the successful verification we waited in the interview waiting halls. There were total 10 panels each consisting of 5 members (4 Male, 1 Female). My interview started at 4:30 PM and lasted for 8 Minutes.

Among the 5 interviewers, M1 and M2 were the only ones asking questions, remaining two were just nodding and the last guy was sitting like a statue(I guess he was observing my posture).

Here’s the list of  questions asked by them:

  1. What is money market?
  2. Functions of RBI?
  3. How RBI manages the money market?
  4. What India exports the most?
  5. RRB Functions?
  6. What are your hobbies?
  7. Why RBI is not happy with the export of more gold?

And to end your curiosity entire interview was in Hindi. Overall it was a good experience. Thanks Adda247 for Interview Tips

All The Best Nitin Joshi!



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