Important Idiom and phrases for Banking exam

Go through Fire and water
Meaning: Undergo any risk
Usage: To crack the government exams, Sahil can go through fire and water

Put Up With
Meaning: Tolerate
Usage: I am not going to put up with their smoking habits ever.

Good Samaritan
Meaning: Helpful person
Usage: Rahul is very good in studies. He is a good Samaritan for all the students in his class.

Lay Out
Meaning: Spend
Usage: She is willing to lay out more than she has on her studies.

Sweeping Statement
Meaning: Thoughtless statement
Usage: Making a generalized and sweeping statement on every politician and the whole system was an irresponsible act.

Flogging a dead horse
Meaning: Wasting time in a useless effort
Usage: There’s no use trying to keep this business going. We are flogging a dead horse. 

Pay through nose
Meaning: To pay an extremely high amount
Usage: Many people end up paying through the nose for their car insurance policies.

By fits and starts
Meaning: irregularly
Usage:  My brother studied accounting by fits and starts, so he failed.

Fell foul of
Meaning: Got into trouble with
Usage:  By parking your car here, you could fall foul of the law.

Green thumb
Meaning: to have a natural interest
Usage: If I have a green thumb, I will plant a lot of roses in my garden.