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India Wins Gold Medal in Women’s 25 m Pistol Team Event in Asian Games 2023

India’s Unstoppable Performance In Women’s 25m Pistol Team Event

India once again showcased its mastery by bagging the gold medal in the Women’s 25m Pistol Team Event at the Asian Games on 27 September 2023. The following event made every Indian proud, and other countries marked the excellence of the team. Till now, India has showcased its prowess by conquering around 16 medals at the Asian Games in total. Out of the 16 medals, four have been categorized to be gold, seven as bronze, and five as silver. The total score of the Indian team was 1759, which defeated China. China was able to score 1756 with a silver medal. On the other hand, the Republic of Korea has won the Bronze medal with a total score of 1742. read this post to unveil the tremendous performance of the team.

The Magnificent Indian Trio

In the Women’s 25m Pistol Event at the Asian Games, the marksmanship of an Indian trio has been highlighted. The trio included Manu Bhaker, Esha Singh, and Rhythm Sangwan. Their performance already hinted at a remarkable strategy from the beginning. Their ingenious prowess has made them capture the gold medal by defeating China. This event has made all Indians believe in the tremendous heights of sports in India. Let us enlighten the individuality of this trio in a better manner.

Manu Bhaker 

Manu Bhaker is the leading player who topped the qualification round with an unbeatable score of 590. While she was displaying her rapid-fire series, the audience was shocked to encounter her accuracy and preciseness level. She finished the last round with 98 points. Her fluency and confidence have made her total score to be at 590.

Esha Singh

When it comes to the team’s historic success, Esha Singh’s contributions will remain the topmost priority. She secured the fifth position with 586 points in the qualification round, which included 17x inner 10s. She was consistent throughout and showcased her victorious skills to make India win the gold medal.

Rhythm Sangwan

Despite Rhythm’s outstanding performance, she missed out on being a part of the individual qualification due to the rule of only two shooters to be qualified for the finals. Rhythm is in the seventh position and holds the world record in this particular discipline. Her efforts and dedication have given a great boost the the Indian team to win this event.

A Proud Trail Towards Finals

The outstanding performances of Esha Singh and Manu Bhaker made them set their positions in the finals after the qualification round. They will be competing in the individual event through the same category. The world has already encountered the stellar presentation of both players. Now, everyone is eager to enjoy their prowess in the event of shooting.


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Who were in the Indian team while playing for women's 25m pistol event in the Asian Games?

Manu Bhaker, Rhythm Sangwan, and Esha Singh were the India Trio in the Women's 25m Pistol event in the Asian Games.