LIC AAO & SBI PO 2019: Important Questions For Interview

LIC AAO & SBI PO 2019: Important Questions For Interview

As you all know LIC has released the official interview schedule for LIC AAO 2019 which are going to start from 19th August 2019. Similarly, SBI may anytime release the date for the same. It is the time when the candidates appearing for the same needs to work very hard to withstand the intense competition for a herculean task i.e Interview round. As we have already provided you with the LIC AAO & SBI PO 2019: Interview plan to sail thorugh this last step to grab your dream job. We have also provided you with some important tips to crack the interview, 3 C’s of an interview, Grooming tips, Tips on disposition according to the plan given. Now to continue with our Interview plan, we are proving you with some common and important questions for LIC AAO & SBI PO 2019, that an interviewer may ask you. Go thorugh the questions and prepare your answers accordingly so that you do not have to blubber at the time of the interview.

Most Important questions for LIC AAO & SBI PO 2019 Interview.

Ques-1: What are the Functions of LIC AAO & SBI?

Ques-2: Do you have any insurance plan or any other plan with LIC?
Do you have any account with SBI?

Ques-3: What do you know about the LIC AAO & SBI PO profile?

Ques-4: Why do you want to join this organization?

Ques-5: Why should we hire you? How you are profitable to our organization?

Ques-6: What do you know about recent current news related to LIC and SBI? Explain any one of them.

Ques-7: Burning Issues and Hot topics around the world.

Ques-8: What is your current job profile? (for working candidates)

Ques-9: What are your career objectives and goals for the next five years?

Ques-10: What is your family background and education qualification?

Prepare the answers to these questions so that if an interviewer asks you about these, you can easily answer them. If you face any issue, you can connect to our moderators below this post or you can mail us at