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JAIPUR :-03/05/2016 AT 9:30 AM

This was my 17th interview hope things turn out the way I want . There were 3 panel members including one guy from south  india. I wished them and was asked to take my seat.I thanked them and the session started .

M1:-A disaster took place recently in one of the states of India how you consider it to be anenvironmental catastrophe?
Answered:- Uttarakhand and the devastating effects caused by the holocaust there. I addedreleasing carbon into the atmosphere and explained its effect on agriculture, biodiversity addedabout pollution and depletion of natural resources.

 M1 :-COP21 and its impact explain
Answered:-I said it is conference on parties and held in france to deal with the climate changeissues. 
M1 added ok but are we not violating or contributing indirectly or directly against this
agreement. I said of course sir.

M1:- What do you know about IIP and its related growth effect on economy
Answered:-I forgot its full form but told that it predict about the growth of industries in the country. M1:-Ok if corporate tax is increased “ to bhai ambani paisa kahan se layega ??” I stopped , he laughed and said tell Mr. I was confused , he helped me and related with production, more manufacturing more production more will be  taxes and  some parameters he explained , it was more or less a discussion.

M1:-Expain some bits about RSBY
Answered:- Insurance cover for poor and vulnerable section of the society stands for Rashtriya Swasthya Bima yojana and told its terms and conditions packages and all , he was satisfied and done with his part.

M3:- That south guy started in his tone do you know how LIC encourages liquidity.
Answered:- By acquiring  loans on the  security of  policy that has acquired loan value. He didn’t responded and moved on  probably he was banker .

M3) What is KYC
Answered:-I said know your customer a guideline to stop fraudulent people. U need photograph, id proof and address proof

M3:-What is money laundering do you have knowledge of banking to support that?
Answered:-Layering and unethical approach to get tax benefits and money and asset hiding also explained about offshore banking and parallel banking .He asked nothing then but was expressionless.

M2:- He was having gentleman looks smiling face and asked only current affairs:-

1) Capital of Myanmar:- Replied Naypyidaw

2) T20 winner women:- West indies he added whom they defeated I said forgot sorry sir .

3) Ranji trophy winner:-Mumbai

4) Recently appointed I&B secretary:-Ajay mittal

He smiled and said ok

M1:-Once again started ha…ha…ha…Ur an engineer u have analytical brain u did yr BTech in E&C  but we didn’t ask you a single question bcoz we ourselves don’t know anything about it we just need surface idea of the discussion. It was quite a sarcastic remark. I remained silent for some time, then M1 said we are just kidding ok tell why you want to come in insurance sector .
Answered:- Ratta hua dialogue I take life as it comes to me. I m not obstinate in my
approach rather try to make best out of the opportunity.

He said .Best of luck for yr career you may go now

Remarks:-One original completely filled biodata form + 2 photo copies
2)NOC  if you are working and DL not accepted .
3)3 extra photographs u can have to write yr roll no and name back side
20 minutes or so more or less a discussion lets see how things go Best of luck folks.