Logical Reasoning Questions for RRB PO and Clerk Exam 2017

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Reasoning is a game of wits and presence of mind! Yes, it is true and it might seem as the greatest of the challenge after English Section’s surprises but yet this one can easily be dealt with. You just need correct practice and hardwire your brain to quickly make decisions of what to attempt and what to leave. And for same we are providing you questions on Logical Reasoning as per the 47 days study plan for RRB. To Practice more with these new pattern Reasoning Question for RRB PO Exam 2017.

Directions (1-5): In each question below, are given a statement followed by two courses of action numbered I and II. On the basis of the information given in the statement, you have to assume everything in the statement to be true, and then decide which of the suggested courses of action logically follow(s) for pursuing.
Give answer:
(a) if only I follows.
(b) if only II follows. 
(c) if either I or II follows.
(d) if neither I nor II follows. 
(e) if both I and II follow.

Q1. Statement: There have been sporadic cases of stone throwing and damaging vehicles in the locality during the day following altercation between two local youth clubs last night.
Course of action: 
I. The local police administration should arrest all those who are caught committing these acts.
II. The local police administration should call a meeting of office bearers of both the clubs of the locality to bring the situation under control.

Q2. Statement: Some workers of the company making diamond jewellery were caught while there were leaving the premises as they were trying to smuggle small pieces of diamonds hidden in their purses.
Course of action: 
I. The management of the company should be immediately put on hold all activities in the premises till a fool proof security system is in place.
II. The belongings of all the workers should be thoroughly searched before they leave the premises of the company.

Q3. Statement: There was a spurt in criminal activities in the city during the recent festival season.
Course of action: 
I. The police should immediately investigate into the causes of this increase.
II. In future the police should take adequate precaution to avoid recurrence of such situation during festival.
Q4. Statement: A huge oil tanker overturned on the highway leading to the state capital and blocked most part of the highway from vehicular traffic.
Course of action: 
I. The government should immediately constitute a high level enquiry committee to look into the matter.
II. The driver of the oil tanker should immediately be arrested.
Q5. Statement: Two persons while on their daily walks in the Meghdootam’s park were killed by unidentified miscreants early in the morning.
Course of action: 
I. The police authority should deploy police constables near the Meghdootam’s park to prevent such criminal acts in future.
II. All citizens of the locality should stop going for early morning walks to avoid such attacks.
Directions (6-8): Each question below is followed by two arguments numbered I and II. You have to decide which of the arguments is a ‘strong’ argument is.
Give answer:
(a) if only argument I is strong.
(b) if only argument II is strong.
(c) if either I or II is strong.
(d) if neither I nor II is strong.
(e) if both I and II are strong.

Q6. Statement: Should vacation of Central Government employees be reduced?
I. Yes, increase in number of working days will speed up the work done by the Central Government employees, as a result of which people will get service from these employees in reasonable time.
II. Yes, vacation makes the employees lazy and reduce the stamina of employees to work for long hours.

Q7. Statement: Should the Indian Government launch community based programme with focus on the mother’s care?
I. Yes, the mother plays a big role in child’s good health and if the programme is community based it will have immense impact on the poor nutritional condition of the child in India.
II. No, it will harm the secular status of the country.

Q8. Statement: Should the Election Commission (EC) make it mandatory for political parties to give 33% tickets to women?
I. Yes, the move will ensure larger percentage of women’s representation in political arena.
II. No, the move will compel the parties to distribute tickets to women for only those seats where possibility to win is less.
Directions (9-10): In each question below is given a statement followed by two assumptions numbered I and II .An assumption is something supposed or taken for granted. You have to consider the statement and the following assumption and decide which of the assumption is implicit in the statement.
Give answer
(a) If only assumption I is implicit
(b) If only assumption II is implicit
(c) If either I or II is implicit
(d) If neither I nor II is implicit
(e) If both I and II are implicit
Q9. Statement: “Mail your grievance and confidential information to the commissioner of police.”—Request of city police to citizens.
I. Some of the people, be it the poor or the senior citizens, might have grievances.
II. People have blind faith in the efficiency of flying squad of vigilance branch.
Q10. Statement: “In view of a likely fiscal deficit of around 5%, there is no denying the need for a consensus to trim Government expenditure.”—View of Mr. X.
I. Trimming Government expenditure is an effective tool to curb fiscal deficit.
II. Trimming Government expenditure is not an effective tool to curb fiscal deficit.
Directions (11-15): Below in each question are given two statements I and II. These statements may be either independent causes or may be effects of independent causes. One of these statements may be the effect of the other statement. Read both the statements and decide which of the following answer choices correctly depicts the relationship between these two statements.
Marks answer:
(a) if statement I is the cause and statement II is the effect.
(b) if statement II is the cause and statement I is its effect.
(c) if both the statements I and II are independent causes.
(d) if both the statements I and II are effects of independent causes.
(e) if both the statements are effects of some common cause

Q11. (I) Many villages in the district are marooned as the river overflowed the banks and many people have managed to survive on the tree tops and which ever place they could find above water.
(II) The district administration has sent relief teams to the affected villages to rescue the stranded villagers and have sent supplies of food and water to the nearby villages.
Q12. (I) Many people left from the city for their native places during the summer months.
(II) Many tourists gathered in city during summer months.
Q13. (I) All the schools declared holiday on the next day of the major festival.
(II) All the colleges declared holiday on the next day of the major festival.
Q14. (I) The state government has decided to boost English language education in all the schools from the next academic year.
(II) The level of English language of the school students of the state is comparatively lower than that of the neighbouring states.
Q15. (I) The government is considering changes in the Land Acquisition Act.
(II) Several large infrastructure development projects have been stalled due to unavailability of land.

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