“No masterpiece was ever created by a lazy artist.” : Atul Awchar (IBPS PO)

“Till the full stop doesn’t come, the sentence is not complete”: Amrendra Kumar (IBPS RRB PO)
Journey During  2016 – 2018.
Hello everyone, My name is Atul Awchar , I’m from Maharashtra. I’m an engineering graduate passed out in 2016.Today, I am going to share my Success Story with you all and tell you how I cracked IBPS PO,IBPS clerk, IBPS RRB Officer Scale-I,RRB Office Assistant and Uiic Assistant exams 2017. Hope my preparation strategy is helpful for you.

Preparation strategy for Exams

(a) Prelims Exams

For prelims exams, speed with accuracy is very important. For, that I used to give one online test daily. To increase speed in quant section, I used to solve a pdf of  “1000 problems on approximation and simplification”. It helped me a lot. For English I used to read one or two articles from “The Hindu”. I noted down the words and revised them weekly. And for reasoning I used to solve 7-8 puzzles daily along with other questions because puzzles are very very important in reasoning. My daily schedule was as follows: English and Gk in morning then practice of reasoning and quant questions in the afternoon and in evening. And after that, one or two online tests in the night.

(b) Mains Exams:

For Mains, I solved high level questions from Bankers adda, Oliveboard, Testbook. Bankers adda daily quizzes of all subjects are very helpful. Daily one test and it’s analysis helped me a lot in actual exam. I referred previous year question papers also. For GK and computer awareness, I used Gradeup capsule, Bankersadda capsule and Study IQ (channel on YouTube) videos.

Preparation through Mock tests

Mock tests helped me a lot to become prepared for the actual exam. I learned not only the question-solving techniques but also time management and stress management from mock tests. I used testbook and oliveboard test series for my practice. Bankers adda test series is also of very good quality.

Section wise Important Preparation Tips

The important thing for preparation is basics in all subjects should be cleared beforehand. The second thing most important in exams is Speed.
1. English fast reading for comprehension is important and Grammar rules should be cleared for error section
2. Reasoning: Puzzles to be done in one go, even if you have to make two possible cases for arrangements.
3. Maths: Basics of all topics should be cleared, do calculations mentally. Time devotion should be decided beforehand. If you get stuck on one question, leave it. Also, the choice of questions is very important. E.g. don’t touch compound interest question, leave it. Solve if you have time later and limits have to be stretched especially in assistant level exams.

Interview Preparation Tips

I’ve prepared for the interview round from Gradeup and bankers adda capsules  and some videos from learning space channel. I prepared following things for interview:
1) Educational background (Degree)
2) Complete information about my town and my state
3) Current affairs in last 15-20 days prior to interview
4) All schemes of Modi government from 2014
5) Some personality-related questions.

Books to be preferred for Exam Preparation

For English:

A mirror of common error

English grammar by Wren and Martin

The Hindu

For Quantitative Aptitude:

Quantitative Aptitude for CAT by Arun Sharma

Test series

For Reasoning : 

No special book but PDFs from online sources helped me with it.

For GK and Computer:

Bankers adda Capsules

Study IQ videos

I worked in a private firm in Mumbai from July 2016 to April 2017. Then left the job and started preparing for Banking. Here are the details of the exams that i gave and cleared:

IBPS PO 2016: Pre cleared out from mains.
IBPS RRB PO 2017: Got provisional allotment
IBPS RRB office assistant 2017:Got provisional allotment
IBPS po 2017: Got provisional allotment Bank Of India
IBPS clerk 2017: Got provisional allotment Union Bank Of India
United India insurance company assistant 2017:Got provisional allotment
RBI assistant 2017: Final Result awaited
OICL AO 2017: Final Result awaited
Here are the details of my scores in these exams:

IBPS RRB PO 2017: 53.22 out of 100

IBPS RRB Assistant:155.94 out of 200(77.97 out of 100)

IBPS PO: 54.89 out of 100

IBPS Clerk: 132.39 out of 200

Never stop believing in yourself. Have faith in God. Keep looking forward. There will be many obstacles in the way. Fight with all your might, and taste the hard earned success.
Thank You.

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