Practice IBPS Clerk Prelims 2020 English Most Important Topics

English Language is an important section to crack SBI PO 2020. This is one section which requires a lot of practice and revisions. The notification for SBI PO is expected to be release once the situation will be under control which means that you will not have much time then. English Language  section is generally of 35 marks with 35 questions.  You can score full marks in this section with right approach and  in this article, we will be discussing the tips & strategies to tackle this section with accuracy.

Most Important Topics Of English that you must practice for IBPS Clerk Prelims 2020

Given below is the complete list of “Most Important Topics of English that you must practice for IBPS Clerk Prelims 2020” which will help the students to ace this section with accuracy:

Topics Expected Number of Questions
Reading Comprehension 10-15
Cloze Test 10
Fill in the blanks 0-5
Multiple meaning/error solving 0-5
Paragraph/Sentence Correction 5-10
Para Jumbles 5
Jumbled Sentences 5
Word Association/Vocabulary 5
Active/Passive Voice 1-5

Read Daily: If you want to ace Reading comprehension, Cloze test and Para Jumble, it is very important to gain the reading ability as it is one thing that can sail you through. Majority of the Questions are asked from reading comprehensions and they are general in nature but from a wide range of areas like Politics, Enviornment, Science etc. At times, students who cannot understand a science related article very well so to tackle this problem, the best thing to do is to read all sort of articles. Especially those articles in which you doesn’t feel comfortable.

Build Your Vocabulary: You can ace Error Detection, Match the following by building your vocabulary and the reason why many students fail in the bank exams like IBPS Clerk is because of the low score in english section and their lack of grip on Grammar is one such reason, as most of the questions are either fill in the blanks or finding the incorrect word but you can surely work on this  again by reading newspapers on a daily basis or reading storybooks.

Write Down the Unknown Words: Miscellenous topics can be covered by practicing and building your vocabulary. Do not give up on this subject as no one can master this subject and no one in this world knows all the suject, not even the shakespear himself but you can always be better than other. One smart approach can sail you through this. It is important to understand the exam pattern and you just have to observe it and study accordingly. Make sure to read articles, newspapers, magazines and write down the words important from your exam point of view. Know the level of difficulty asked in your exam and work that way.

Practice Makes A Man Perfect: Last and the most important tip is that English is a literature subject and many students thinks that they can learn all the formulas by learning them but trust me you can never remember all the formulas until you apply them in set of questions. Make sure you solve as much questions as you can to learn the applications of all the grammatical rules.

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Take Mocks: If you want to know your level of preparation, this is the key to your success, taking as much as you can surely help you in acing this section. Take sectional quizzes and daily quizzes.

We hope that the above mentioned tips will be helpful for you to crack this examination.

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